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Online Scratchcard Games

With their simple gameplay and fun bright graphics, online scratchcard games are the perfect option for a casual casino gamer or as a palate cleanser between session for the more seasoned casino punter. Development with the birth the computer systems that it allowed the format to have truly random outcomes, scratchcards date back as recently as 1987. Since their real-world release, the simple gameplay and potentially huge jackpot amounts have ensured that they have remained popular among punters both online and in the various locations country-wide the real-world examples are available.

The Birth of the Scratchcard

In the 1970s many parties were trying to develop an instant win lottery-style game with many offering early scratchcard examples of the game type. However, the early examples were all randomised by hand and, as a result, payouts were sporadic and unpredictable. In 1987, AstroMed Inc. patented the first computer-randomised instant-win scratchcard that solved many of the early problems. With their low buying and availability at local convenience locations, the popularity of scratchcards exploded and was soon available globally.

With a strong niche user base, scratchcards became the ideal choice for early online casino game developers like Microgaming. The company digitised the scratch experience and today the format is huge popular with the casual gaming base with modern iterations pushing the instant-win format to its limits.

Royal Vegas Scratch Games

As Canada’s best online casino, Royal Vegas Canada offers a large range of unique online scratchcard games for players to choose from. Each title offers its own unique theme and in many cases a new and different look at the simple scratch mechanic that has popularised this game type.

The casino’s most popular scratchcard games include:

  • Dawn of the Bread
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Card Climber
  • Turtley Awesome
  • Dragon’s Fortune

Best of all, many of Royal Vegas Canada’s selection of online scrathcards are available on both our Desktop and Mobile casino platforms. As a result, players can enjoy this fun and simple casino game type from anywhere and at any time.