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Online Slots

If you enjoy a good spin of the slots reels, look no further. Royal Vegas Online Casino offers players an extensive collection of cutting-edge slot games from a selection of slots categories ranging from classic reel slots, upbeat video slots and the massively rewarding progressive slots, as part of the ever-popular progressive casino games collection.

Different types of slot games

Enjoy a variety of slot games at Royal Vegas:

While Royal Vegas still offers the option of playing reel slot games, they have also added video slots that have more reels and symbols and therefore more chances of winning. Royal Vegas uses Random Number Generators that also allow the symbols to be weighted differently, which in turn means that higher jackpots can be won.

Reel slots, or fruit machines, are popular amongst players who prefer the more classic feel of original slots, while video slots have cutting-edge graphics and sounds with bonus features that suit players who enjoy a more fast-paced style of game.

Traditionally, slot machines had three spinning mechanical reels that displayed the results of the bet you placed. The simplicity of these games ensured that they were reliable and they therefore became the standard.

Reel in the good times

While there is an already extensive collection of online slots games available to Royal Vegas players, there are also new slot games added to the catalogue every month. This ensures that players always have a multitude of fantastic games to choose from.

You, as a player, also have the option of customising your game play so that you’ll find a way to play that suits you perfectly and rewards you generously.

Whatever type of slots game you choose, you’ll find yourself on a winning streak in no time. The graphics and sounds are intricately crafted to bring an exciting and fun online slots experience to players everytime here at Royal Vegas Online Casino.