What are progressive games?

They are games that have a progressive jackpots attached to them, and at Royal Vegas Online Casino, that doesn't only mean online slots. Most of them have the potential value for each jackpot increases every time somebody plays. Some of the jackpot totals for online progressive slots rise to astronomical amounts and have paid out millions in a short space of time.

The common feature that all jackpot games share is the jackpot meter, which shows the current value of the jackpot and subsequently increases as people place their bets. It’s important to note that most progressive jackpots are won in the currency that you’re playing in, and therefore the amount may differ from what’s advertised.

How do Progressive Slots Work?

When playing progressive slots at Royal Vegas in Canada, there’s one important thing to look out for: the jackpot total. All the progressive slots start with a minimum guaranteed jackpot, so the specific slot’s jackpot will never be lower than this amount.

As players continue to spin, a percentage of each bet will go towards the jackpot total, making this amount grow with each spin, until one player hits the jackpot on the game and wins the full amount – the jackpot will then be reset to the minimum amount. Some online progressive slots have more than one jackpot amount that can be won, while others have a minimum of 1 Million and even 2 Million as a starting jackpot.