The Finest Blackjack Online in New Zealand

Blackjack is a firm player favourite here at Royal Vegas Casino. Blackjack rules are simple to learn so beginners can easily get in on the action, while advanced players can spend years working on their blackjack strategy and never get tired of the game. Many table games such as roulette are purely based on chance, but the odds of blackjack favour skilled players. The more skilled you become, the more fun it is to play blackjack online. Royal Vegas New Zealand offers a safe, secure environment for you to practice your skills on a broad range of mobile-optimised blackjack variants, including live dealer blackjack games.

The rules of blackjack

Here’s a little primer if you’re completely new to the game. Your goal is to beat the dealer by building a hand of cards that’s closer to 21 than their hand. Players at the table place their initial bets, then the dealer deals every player a card face up and gets a face up card too. The process repeats but the dealer’s second card is face down. Then, starting from the dealer’s immediate left, players decide whether to hit (ask for another card) or stand (stick with the cards they have). If your first two cards equal 21, it’s “blackjack” and you get a 3:2 payout. If your hand exceeds 21, you go bust. When every player has had their turn, the dealer turns their down card up. If the dealer’s hand is lower than 16, they’re forced to hit. It it’s 17 or higher, they’re forced to stand. If the dealer’s hand is the highest, players lose their bets. If nobody wins, bets are pushed to the next round.