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Top Live Blackjack for New Zealand

Blackjack has never been more popular at Royal Vegas Casino, and a lot of that’s to do with live dealer blackjack. Thanks to advanced live casino technology, you can now join a game of live blackjack on your desktop or mobile device from anywhere in New Zealand. Take your place at the table, watch the dealer deal out the cards and make your decision. Will you hit or stand? Is this a good time to double down, split or take insurance? The atmosphere is just as charged as you’d expect in a traditional casino, but the game-play is faster and you don’t have to leave the comfort of home. There’s also a social dimension when you play live blackjack online, with the ability to chat to your online blackjack dealer and other players. All in all, mobile-friendly live casino blackjack is the perfect solution for New Zealand players looking for a good time at the blackjack table without the hassle of travel.

How to play live blackjack

New to the game of blackjack? Live dealer blackjack plays by the same rules as classic blackjack, which are dead easy to pick up. Here goes! The game begins once every player has placed a bet on the table. The dealer then deals out the cards, starting from their immediate left. The cards are shuffled by an automatic shuffler that rules out any possibility of tampering. Each player gets one card face up on a position clearly marked on the table, and the dealer gets one too. The process is then repeated, except this time the card the dealer gets is face down. Now it’s time to play. The goal of the game is to build a hand of cards that’s as close to 21 as possible, without going over 21. If your hand is better than the dealer’s hand, you win your bet. If the dealer’s hand is stronger, your bet is forfeit. If there’s a stand-off, it’s a push to the next round. Once all the players have played their hands, the dealer reveals their up card. If their hand is 16 or less, they have to hit. If it’s 17 or more, they have to stand.

Live blackjack strategy

So how do you build your hand to beat a live blackjack dealer? Once the cards are dealt, players have to make some important decisions. What is the face value of your cards? If they add up to 21, no decision is necessary because you’ve got blackjack, an automatic win that pays out 3:2. Otherwise it depends. Do you think asking the dealer for another card would improve your hand without going over 21? If so, the decision is to hit. Or are you satisfied with your cards as they care? In that case, the decision is to stand. It’s common practice to hit on 8 or less and stand on 12 or more when you play live blackjack online. Pro tip: never hit if your hand has a value of 17 or more!

Advanced live dealer blackjack bets

A few more decisions you can take when you play live blackjack are to split, double down or take insurance. Splitting means you split your hand into two. A bet equal to your original bet goes on the second hand and you play them together. If one hand goes bust, you can still maybe win with the other one, or you may win both. Conventional blackjack wisdom says you should always split aces and eights. And doubling down? If you think your hand is particularly strong, you can double your original bet, receive one more card and stand for the rest of the round. As for insurance, that’s an optional bet that comes into play when the dealer’s up card is an ace. If the dealer turns out to have blackjack, your insurance bet pays out 2:1.

The live casino blackjack experience

Once you’re comfortable with the rules of the game, chances are that you’ll find live dealer blackjack a pleasant and rewarding experience. Enter the live casino from the Royal Vegas gaming lobby, head for the blackjack section and find a table. A friendly, personable dealer will greet you and proceed to run the game with professional expertise. You’ll find that the live blackjack gaming interface has a number of functions that add value to your gaming experience. The Initial Decision feature means that all the players at the table make their first decision at the same time instead of taking turns, which speeds things up a fair bit. You can also chat with other players and the dealer, and hit Deal Now if the dealer’s a bit too chatty! If another player’s hand looks better than yours, you can Bet Behind them and profit from their success, if any. For a bit of fun on the side, there’s the option to take out 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets. The action is all streamed live to your desktop or mobile device, and you can even play on our Android casino app without any loss of quality.

Exclusive to live casino blackjack online

There’s a variety of live blackjack games available right here at Royal Vegas Online Casino Canada. Simply log in and navigate to the Live/Real section in your account and pick your favourite. Part of the fun of playing live blackjack is that you get to try things that you won’t find anywhere else. If you like a fast game, for instance, Speed Blackjack gets things moving with a little competition: the first player to make a decision has their next card dealt first. If you don’t like waiting for a space at a table, Infinite Blackjack might be the way to go. With a limitless number of players at the table, a place is always guaranteed. Then there’s the question of prizes. Some players wish that blackjack payouts could be bigger. Well, now they can, with Lightning Blackjack. Set in a black and gold Art Deco studio, this gameshow-style take on casino live blackjack guarantees randomly generated multipliers of between 2x and 25x your bet on winning hands. If you win a hand, you get a multiplier that multiplies your payout if you win in the next game round. If you have to leave the table, no sweat – you can use your multiplier in the live casino for up to 180 days.