Casual Game Fun at Royal Vegas Online Casino

The online casino games at Royal Vegas include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and a stellar range of live dealer titles. We’re all about giving you as many top-quality options as we can, to make sure you enjoy an authentic Vegas casino experience. In addition, we’ve also got a great selection of casual casino games that will perfectly round off your time with us.

What Are Casual Casino Games?

The casual games at our online casino include Scratch Cards, Sic Bo and Bingo. Essentially, they are gaming options that are a little less serious and strategy-intensive than other categories; a little more relaxed and, yes, casual.

The focus with these instant-win titles is more on enjoying yourself and socialising with other players than on winning big, and there is not really any strategy that can be developed. There are no moves to make or shrewd bets to place, yet these casino games still remain among the most popular on offer.

The Power of Microgaming

As with the other sections of our desktop and mobile casino, we use Microgaming for all our casual games. That means the graphics and mechanics are truly superb, and that every title works perfectly on whatever smartphone, tablet or desktop you prefer to use. Since every game has such simple rules, a lot of the enjoyment comes from the theme and visuals of the release, and these are 2 areas in which Microgaming excels.

They can also be enjoyed in our “fun play” mode, where you don’t need to bet any money. This can be the perfect way to play for any games at an online casino, but is especially in line with the more relaxed atmosphere of the casual options. Play this way when you’re trying out a new release to see if you like it, when you’ve finished your daily gaming allowance or when you just want to relax without any concerns about your budget.