Online Arcade Slot Games

Slots offer a range of entertainment for a variety of different players with simple formulaic gameplay. However, players looking for a more challenging online casino game experience will enjoy the casino’s range of online arcade slot games. These games integrate various video game mechanics into the slot experience to make the gameplay significantly more challenging to the player. With the increased challenge comes an increase in the part skill plays in winning. As a result, the better you get the more cash you’re going to win - a concept that is virtually unheard of within the online casino industry.

The Birth of Arcade Games

The history and beginnings of the arcade game are rich and storied dating back to well before the 1950s. However, it wasn’t until 1958 that a physicist, William A. Higinbotham created what is considered the first ever arcade game, Tennis for Two. Hinginbotham unveiled his oscilloscope-powered arcade game at the Brookhaven's open house and the game became an instant hit with attendees waiting hours to get their chance to play the almost unrecognizable simple tennis game which only offered player vs. player gameplay. The idea of creating playable games on computer setups that were, till that point, only used for work was a revelation and an industry was born.

Following the migration of slot games to the online sphere and the choice of online casinos exploding, developers were soon looking for unique game mechanics that would set their game selections apart from the competition. Video games offered numerous playable mechanics and the arcade slot game was soon born. Although not a main attraction at most modern casinos, as Canada’s best online casino, Royal Vegas offers players a small selection of exciting online arcade slot games to enjoy.

Royal Vegas Canada Arcade Slots

In ensuring there is always something new and exciting to enjoy at Royal Vegas Canada, we offer a selection of exciting online arcade slot games.

Titles on offer include:

  • Germinator - Your favourite candy-themed mobile game gets reimagined with the candy being replaced with toxic germs. Players are given a mission to eradicate the viruses before they can do any more damage

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