Winter is here... choicest memes before Game of Thrones season 7 finale

Be a dragon, Jon Snow, be a dragon The end is near – the thought of it is causing indistinct mental screams in the fanbase, the sound of it being not unlike those of an undead wight in distress, or an agonised dragon. Season 7 of Game of Thrones has been a wild ride from Essos to Westeros, and the action is reaching a fever pitch as the final 84 minutes of the season are drawing closer. In the anticipation of an unforgettable season finale (and more online memes), we've listed the best GOT memes of the season for your enjoyment.

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Season of leaks

It’s as if the Winterfell gate guards were in charge of Season 7 episodes Source: The Grumpy Fish The hackers who leaked the sixth episode of the season 7 also gained access to the Game of Thrones™ Twitter page and changed the description including the line “#1 pirated – hell, they still pay us” (followed by “ratings so crazy, the extras are famous”). There’s truth in there: the episodes have been competing with each other when it comes to breaking viewership records all season long, with “Eastwatch” attracting over 10.7 million viewers on the Sunday it aired and “Dragon and the Wolf” expected to top even that at the time of writing… unless it gets leaked in advance. Needless to say, Arya Stark would not approve.

Uncle Euron goes berserk

Euron Greyjoy has made a lasting impression beyond the Iron Islands during season 7 Source: Pilou Askaek at Instagram Where did they find this guy, he's great... with the battleaxe?! Like vikings, Euron Greyjoy seems to eat amanita muscaria for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or maybe it’s his shade of the evening habit that does it… In any case: kids, don't try that at home – they make him just a little bit insane. In the burn stakes (no pun intended, Shireen Baratheon) Euron’s doing pretty well considering the competition from the Mother of Dragons (congrats on the industry record for most people set alight) and the Queen of Throrns (savage to the last).

Exhibit A: “Dracarys.” D. Targaryen

Exhibit B: “There are always lessons in failure.” J. Lannister

Yes. You must be very wise by now.” O. Tyrell

Exhibit C:So, here I am, with a thousand ships and two good hands.” E. Greyjoy

There’s Jaime and Bronn, and then there’s Jaime and Euron Source:

Bend the knee

Toasts (as part of a drinking game) have been proposed in honour of this phrase. It’s the new “You know nothing, Jon Snow” of the series. Since someone did the math of travel time in Westeros (according to that calculation the run Gendry would have clocked on his FitBit had he worn one was still entirely plausible, and raven and dragon flight times vs time it takes for water to freeze to the point where it can support an army of undead wights were also within reason because science), we’d also hope that someone went back and counted the times Daenerys Targaryen tells people to bend the knee. Just so we can calculate exactly how drunk one would be if one was to down a shot for each occurrence during a season 7 marathon… Daenerys Stormborn, the Bender of Knees Source: @SerLlorah on Twitter Play the Game of Thrones slot at Royal Vegas online casino

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Jaime also knows nothing

Taking on the dothraki and the Mother of Dragons on an open field was, if Jaime Lannister really is following his own mantra of learning from failures, another learning opportunity. While the golden roses of Tyrells weren’t much of a match for the Lannister army, Dothraki screamers paired with a full-grown dragon were something else. The roof is on fire, Jaime Source:

EQ of Bran

The job spec for Three-Eyed Raven does not require people skills Source: Enough said. We hope that he at least has a little chat with Jon about his parentage when he has a moment.


The show has created more than a few(er) running jokes… and one rowing joke. Gendry stopped rowing and started hammering Source: 9gag With Ser Davos tracking down Gendry (the hammer-loving bastard son of hammer-loving Robert Baratheon, he also happens to be a blacksmith who, in addition to Lannister guards, knows how to hammer away at Valyrian steel) in King’s Landing, the boat memes came to an end this season. And while he may not be a Baratheon by name, after witnessing his sporting prowess this season we’d gladly dub him Gendry Maratheon. Poor Gendry has been ready to rock for the last four seasons Source: Gameofthronespost on Instagram

Tormund Briennesbane

Wildlings who say things the darnest things – you da real MVP Source: Gameofthronespost on Instagram Tormund could exist merely to bring hope to all people out there crushing on someone not quite in their league, and has inspired countless “Ladies, find yourself a man who looks at you like Tormund looks at Brienne” memes online. His chat with the Hound beyond the Wall easily wins the Best Comedy of the Season award.

Back to the friendzone

Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well. After a brief flurry of memes where Ser Jorah Mormont was portrayed as a doner kebab following Sam’s lifesaving operation, he made full recovery and returned to his queen… and the friendzone. The end, it seems. Jon Snow’s in town, y’all. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Looks like a one-way road Source: 9gag

Expected a new Night King meme. Was not disappointed.

Night King won the Westeros javelin throw championships single-handedly Source: @ringer on Twitter On a level from 0 to Rickon Stark, how bad are dragons at zig-zagging?! Maybe the lack of natural enemies is to blame for Daenerys’s dragons’ damn straight flight paths. Drogon learnt to do better the hard way, Viserion wasn’t quite as lucky. Here’s hoping that someone tells Rhaegal to start practicing his new manoeuvres for wars to come.

The Great War is here

After a long wait… an even longer one awaits – with final season expected in 2018 (and if rumours are true, it may end up being postponed to 2019). Through seven seasons, the series has pruned main character after main character from the game, leaving only the people who not many people thought were of much consequence fighting for their survival.

A long wait for next season is waiting for Game of Thrones fans Source: Gameofthronespost on Instagram

After season 6 one expected to have seen the last of House Baratheon, but the seed is strong and carries on as we have seen. House Stark is also on the rise, and if Daenerys thought she was the last living member of House Targaryen, Gilly may have a surprise lined up for her and just about everybody else (if anyone cared to listen). Lannisters are on the defensive, but with the walking threat emerging from beyond the wall, fighting on two fronts is hardly beneficial for anyone concerned.

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