Songs that make you get up and dance

Every music lover could probably argue about which decade had the best music. For some people this was the 80's or the 90's. No matter which era your favourite songs came from or what music genre you prefer, music that makes you get up and dance is always a sure win! Love music and playing online? Check out these hot musical slots where you can play new casino games. music to dance too

Songs that make you hit the dancefloor

Sexy met sass in the burlesque Moulin Rouge which brought out the hot, Lady Marmalade song Lady Marmalade song Love music? Check out these top music festivals from around the world. Pink definitely helped to Get the party started  in this cool jam dancing song Missy Elliot knows how to fill up a dance floor. Especially here with Get your Freak On dancing woman Who can forget the catchy lyrics of Miss Jackson? man singing Women all around the world sang along to TLC's No Scrubs as they hit the dancefloor women dancing Did your favourite make our list? What song would you add to the list?

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