Eat & Live Better with Fruit

Source: Pixabay You are what you eat – heard that before? Immediately threw away your packet of nuts? Okay, so it’s not to be taken too literally. However, we can’t deny that there’s some truth to it. Let’s face it, with documentaries like Super Size Me, exposing the terrifying side effects of junk food, it’s become undeniably clear that healthy food equals a healthy mind and healthy body. If you’re ready to make a change to your diet, but would prefer to do it gradually, consider swopping out your sugary treats with naturally sweet alternatives: fruit. Get your daily dose of fruit and winning possibilities when you play Fruit Shop™ Online Slot at Royal Vegas Casino. We’ve got the games you want!

Top 5 Healthiest Fruits

We’ve selected five delicious and nutritious fruits (in no particular order) that are sure to tickle your taste-buds. We’ve also highlighted their beneficial health powers, giving you reasons aplenty to ditch the soda drinks and candy bars.

  1. Green, yellow, red, pink – there are so many colours, flavours and varieties to choose from. In fact, over 7500 cultivars have been identified around the globe. Did you know that apples are rich in age-fighting, cancer-preventing, immune-boosting antioxidants? Or that the high fibre content of apple peels can help reduce cholesterol and boost intestinal functioning? Add to this a strong dose of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, and you’ll understand why an apple a day could definitely keep the doctor away.
  2. Coming down with a cold? Reach for an orange – sound advice as the high dose of vitamin C found in oranges are known to prevent and treat respiratory conditions like colds and flus. A lesser known fact is that they’re also rich in potassium, which is good news for your muscles. Plus, the hesperidin found in oranges can help reduce cholesterol. In fact, just the smell has calming characteristics, which can sooth those anxious nerves.
  3. Offering multiple body benefits, they’re probably best known for being the go-to fruit for preventing urinary infections. They’re also rich in antioxidants, helping with the prevention of cancer and macular degeneration. Plus, they’re rich in fibre to assist with your intestinal process and packed with potassium, vitamin C, calcium and iron, so your hair, teeth and muscles also stand to benefit.
  4. If you’re a serious sweet tooth, strawberries will hit the spot. Rich in vitamin C, pectin and lecithin, they’ve been known to lower cholesterol and control type II diabetes, cardiac conditions and inflammatory problems. Surprisingly, they can help out with diarrhoea due to their astringent abilities, treat skin injuries and pimples, plus can be used as a natural alternative to toothpaste. Out on a date? Finishing off your meal with some strawberries to ensure clean teeth and fresh breath – no mints required!
  5. Kiwis. For its tiny size, it’s packed with healthy properties. For starters, kiwis contain twice as much vitamin C as oranges to strengthen your immune system and prevent respiratory problems. They’re also rich in fibre to promote normal cholesterol and assist in intestinal transit, plus they contain folic acid that prevents anaemia and cardiovascular conditions. Lastly, you’ll find lutein in kiwis’ arsenal of goodies, a natural pigment ready to act as a filter to protect you against solar radiation.

Source: Pixabay

Get the Most out of Fruit

Good news for newbie fruit fans – there are many ways to incorporate it into your diet. While great as a fresh or dried product snack, or juice, it can be added to a salad or dessert, or even mixed into a smoothie. Many fruits conserve their health properties, even when frozen or dehydrated, so it’s still a viable alternative if you can’t get your hands on fresh options. How many portions of fruit should you consume per day? The American Heart Association suggest four to five servings should do the trick. Simply pick, rinse, slice and eat – the health benefits are sure to follow.

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