There is trouble in Gotham. Harvey Dent is dead, and the city mourns a fallen hero. The time is ripe for a new menace to threaten the city… A sleekly sly cat burglar slinks onto the scene. She has a secret agenda, and no particular fondness for bats… Her cunning plan goes awry, leading to even bigger trouble for Gotham. A mercenary called Bane is on a mission to destroy the city. Gotham desperately needs a hero. Will Batman rise again? Play THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™, the most highly anticipated slot game of the year. Join the battle to save Gotham City from the gravest danger it has ever faced. Heroes deserve their rewards – you could win up to 1,780,000 coins! Main screen If you’re not a Royal Vegas member register an Instant Play (Browser) account, because you don’t want to miss this game! Featuring clips from the motion picture, this is one of the most explosively entertaining games of the year, with a range of brand new features to send a jolt of adrenaline through even the most hardened slot players. Batman and Bane fight

Free Spins Accumulator

During the base game, Batman and Bane’s battle could spill onto the screen in any non-winning spin. As each lands a blow, the Free Spins or Multipliers tally in their corners will increase. By the time you trigger the Free Spins feature, the totals could be incredible. In all battles you need to pick a side – it’s no different in this one. There are no prizes for being on the side of good, though – we suggest you choose the one with the highest Free Spins and Multipliers! There’s something very liberating about being utterly ruthless…

Symbol Scramble

The first indication that you’ll have of this one is when the screen starts shaking ominously. Then the symbols shake loose, and rearrange themselves in the best configurations for you.

Split Wilds

Gotham City splits in two… and creates even more winning combinations for you. Visit Royal Vegas and play THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ – you could help save Gotham and win up 1,780,000 coins! Plus, if you visit our Facebook page and enter THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ competition, you could win Free Spins or a set of THE DARK KNIGHT™ DVDs! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

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