The Cons Of Being Too Attractive

The problem with being pretty Source: Pixabay We’ve all been there. You’re looking in the mirror, observing your perfect skin, pearly white teeth and impeccably chiselled jawline, and the thought hits you again; why, for the love of all things pure, could I not be just a little less good looking? It’s a curse that will haunt you, likely for majority of your life, and a burden that must be carried nonetheless. Sadly, there is no counteracting this dilemma, and the most you can hope for is to wear extremely unflattering clothing to at least counteract the radiant good looks that the fates have seen fit to smite you with. Granted, we might be joking around, but it turns out that there are some serious disadvantages to being too good looking. Recently, on Reddit, a number of women came together to discuss some of disadvantages of being too beautiful, and it seems that there is a lot more to it than many might assume. Sure, you’re probably not that sympathetic, and are likely suggesting something along the lines of ‘cry me a river.’ But you might want to think twice about assuming that it’s all rainbows and unicorns for those who happen to be indescribably beautiful.

Take Me Seriously

Universally, the majority of women on Reddit who took to voicing their woes agreed that the biggest pitfall of natural good looks was not being taken seriously. One post was from a woman who had struggled for years to be taken seriously in her work environment, with many making the flash assumption that good looks somehow meant she was inherently less intelligent. She had even been told that she would be better off trying to make her way in life as a trophy wife. Another explained that she had unceremoniously been informed that she stood no chance of being hired, since male colleagues would get distracted, and would almost certainly not take her seriously. One male in the Reddit chat spoke on behalf of his wife, explaining that she had instantly been branded as “another dumb blonde trying to force her way into a man’s world.” Though, the poster pointed out, that the woman in question was far more qualified for the job than her male counterparts who made these assumptions. Getting too much attention on the street with your extreme good looks? Consider staying in for the evening and playing Blackjack at Royal Vegas Casino online. That way, you’re always a winner!  

It’s a Lonely World

The second most commonly agreed upon trend is that attractive women find it extremely difficult to make friends. The general consensus is that those who are perceived as too good looking are often envied by others, so much so that it’s become a commonplace for gossiping and prejudice to occur behind closed doors. One Reddit poster described situations where having a drink with male colleagues would often result in them flirting with her, despite many of them being in relationships. She expressed that shutting them down without causing major hurt feelings was a constant source of stress in her life.

Date Me, Please

Conversely, many attractive women confessed that they found it insufferably difficult to find a date. One explained that she was frequently told that it seemed bizarre for her to be single, given how good looking she was. She realised that since everyone assumed she would be in a relationship, because of how attractive she was, everyone avoided asking her out to dodge what they assumed would be instant rejection. On the other hand, of course, and perhaps the aspect that many automatically assume, is the bane of inadvertently attracting a lot of attention. One woman described how taking a 15-minute walk resulted in two cars honking at her, and one situation even involved a cat-caller climbing out of his car at a red light to offer her a ride. Another woman chimed in and described how ‘creepy old men’ often follow her around in an attempt to make conversation, or how on a regular basis, total strangers would offer to buy her coffee, or ask for her number. The result being completely unasked for extreme awkwardness and discomfort – and the desire to constantly wear a paper bag over their heads.

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