The 10 Best Zombie Games

We take a look at the 10 best zombie games of all time. The global zombie obsession is one that has been as persistent and pervasive as any. It is, as a result, no surprise that game developers have produced and published hundreds of zombie-themed games from the terrifying to the ridiculous. Each of these games has been shaped by the current perception of the genre which gives great diversity in the titles on offer to players. Although hardly a comprehensive list, the following are our 10 favourite Zombie games of all time. Plus, keep the zombie fun going with Sorry Zombies, Science Says NO!

1. State of Decay

the-10-best-zombie-games_state-of-decay State of Decay is one of the best survival zombie games on the market. It’s not only deep gameplay-wise, but also has characters that evoke genuine care for their well-being and happiness; all things considered. It allows you to change between characters as they tire or get injured, adding more and more people as the survivors meet and come together to increase their chances of survival.

2. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

the-10-best-zombie-games_sniper-elite_-nazi-zombie-army Sniper Elite is a game series about ‘stealthing’ your way through the enemy territory during World War II, killing high value targets from the best sniping positions. It is based on precision and ability to use the environment to disguise your presence. The Nazi Zombie Army is a standalone expansion for the game with a co-op campaign for 1 to 4 players that replaces enemies with masses of the undead.

3. Resident Evil 4

the-10-best-zombie-games_resident-evil-4 The game’s fourth installment is, however, the better one of the bunch. A critically acclaimed third-person shooter focuses on one of the game series’ six protagonists Leon S. Kennedy, a police officer sent to rescue the daughter of the U.S. President kidnapped by a group of cultists who look a lot like zombies.

4. Prototype

the-10-best-zombie-games_prototype Prototype isn’t a typical zombie game so much as a game about a stranded survivor equipped with the contents of his toolbox. In this respect, it may not even be a game for zombie fans because the walkers here are incidental and serve no other purpose than being tossed into larger mutants or slid on like snowboards.

5. Project Zomboid

the-10-best-zombie-games_project-zomboid Project Zomboid is the game of all zombie video games because none of the others deal with the zombie apocalypse as well as this one does. The logistics of survival are much more complicated than most of the games or even TV shows make them out to be, but Zomboid recognizes this well. Take your pick from over 700 casino games at Royal Vegas online casino.

6. Plants Vs. Zombies

the-10-best-zombie-games_plants-vs-zombies Yes, yes, I know what the hell is Plants Vs. Zombies doing on the list. This one is here for the sheer addictive and simple gameplay that had me entertained for days at a time while this game was still only available on PC and had yet to see the litany of sequels.

7. Left 4 Dead

the-10-best-zombie-games_left-4-dead Left 4 Dead is one of Valve’s rare game series comprising 2 first-person co-operative shooters about a group of four survivors trying to escape the city overrun with hordes of zombies, mutated killer species, and occasional monstrous giants.

8. Killing Floor 2

the-10-best-zombie-games_killing-floor-2 A 6-player co-op, Killing Floor 2 started as a fun fast-paced shooter game that is pure fun. Players battle ‘zeds’ in waves that end with a boss fight to test the team’s cooperative and primitive tactical skills.

9. Dying Light

the-10-best-zombie-games_dying-light Dying Light by the Polish developer Techland, is very similar to Dead Island with the exception of the first-person parkour mechanic, on which the game relies heavily for its dynamic gameplay. Set in the quarantined city of Harran, the game follows agent Kyle Crane sent by the Global Relief Effort (GRE) to find out more about the viral outbreak that turned the majority of the city’s population into zombies.

10. Deadlight

the-10-best-zombie-games_deadlight Set in 80's Seattle, Deadlight is an action adventure platform game. Unlike the mass killing zombie (or shadows as they are called in the game) sprees that punctuate most games in the genre, Deadlight focuses more on running, climbing and trying your best to outsmart the shadows.

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