Sorry Zombies, Science Says No! Our morbid fascination with the living dead can be seen in all facets of contemporary culture. From hit TV shows and graphic novels like The Walking Dead, to blockbuster movies like Zombieland and 28 Days Later, and even best-selling novels like World War Z. But could a zombie apocalypse truly occur? Will you one day be struggling for survival, on the run from a vicious horde? Science seems to suggest that the answer is no. Let's take a look at why it'll never happen.

1. Hunters of the Horde If it wasn't for our basic human instincts for survival, it's highly unlikely that the human race would have survived for as long as it has. Zombies, who traditionally lack the mental fortitude to run from danger, will quickly be eaten by all sorts of scavengers. Bears, wolves, dogs, insects, vultures and even pigs would see zombies as nothing more than a slightly out-of-date steak.

2. A Weakness to Weather Zombies lack the ability to regulate their thermal temperature. Basically, aside from the clothes they died in, these shuffling horrors would be pretty susceptible to the harshness of the environment. If the temperature were a bit hot, they'd dry out quickly and if it was a bit cold, they'd freeze solid.

3. Bacterial Breakdown We're often told that bacteria exist everywhere and that it's practically impossible to keep things completely sterile outside of laboratory environments. Luckily, this means that the unfortunate victims of the zombie horde would quickly decompose as their lack of an immune system would fail to protect them from one of the most basic forms of life on earth.

4. Sniffles are Scarier than Nibbles There is no conceivable scenario where "biting people" is an effective method of mass infection. If a zombie outbreak did magically occur, there is no way governments would allow it to spread. Now, if a zombie virus was spread by sneezes then we'd have something to worry about.

5. Senseless Shuffling At least zombies know to raise their arms in front of them. That way, when they inevitably fall over obstacles they'll be able to protect what's left of their faces from smashing into the ground. The simple truth is that as zombies begin to rot, the soft tissue in their eyes will be the first to go. Next would be the earddrums. After that, these blind and deaf undead husks would have an incredibly tough time hunting down even the slowest, most dimwitted human.

6. A Loss of Appetite We know zombies would likely be decomposing all the time. This raises an issue regardless of whether their preferred food is human flesh or human brains. If there is any obstruction or injury within the stomach of a zombie, the food they consume will likely end up just sitting there, decomposing and forming gaseous cavities in their stomachs which will ultimately explode in a gruesome fashion.

An End to the Apocalypse

So in the end, no. You're highly unlikely to ever form part of a group of rag-tag survivors, stalking through old warehouses and grocery stores for batteries and food while hiding from the unstoppable horde. But, what you can do is indulge in the fantasy and intrigue that zombie fiction has already managed to spread through the world by reading up on one of the exciting new online games, Lost Vegas - where you can take on the role of survivor or zombie and fight for your survival while winning big.

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