Popular Casino Games Ranked By Country

Play casino games at Royal Vegas Online Casino Gambling is an activity that is popular worldwide. People from all walks of life love to indulge in a good casino sesh every now and then, reveling in the escapism it affords, the thrill of a potential win, and the variety of entertainment available to them. Not to mention, the opportunity to brush up on their game skills, particularly relevant to lovers of table games. Without further ado, let’s uncover the most popular casino games according to country:


Blackjack and slot machines are player favourites – they are particularly prolific in Canadian land-based casinos

Las Vegas

Players who frequent Las Vegas have a preference for slot machines. They generate more income along the strip than any other casino game. This could be due to the fact that they do not require any skill or conscious effort, as they are based purely on luck


Roulette is le game of choice when it comes to the French – surprise surprise, after all, Roulette is French for ‘little wheel’ (oh, and the game was invented in France)


The auzzies, like those in Vegas, have an affinity for slots (otherwise known as pokies to locals). You might be interested to know that most of Australia’s population (approximately 80%) take part in some form of gambling. Now that you know what the gaming order of the day is across the world, why not indulge in some gaming of your own right at home? You can play new games, choosing from a variety of over 600 games. But, you know this already. So get busy playing, or sign up  to make sure that you don't miss out.

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