Your Guide to the New Online Slot, Banana Odyssey

Source: Microgaming Although Banana Odyssey may sound like it is a game in which you make your way through a tropical rainforest, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the latest online slot from Microgaming. The well-respected game publisher has come up with a banana-based game which involves the endless possibilities of space travel. In fact, the game revolves around the exploration of a planet that is covered with banana trees by some intrepid travellers. And who are the brave astronauts who have been drawn to Banana Planet and its riches? Well, they are three astro-chimps, of course! It may all sound madcap but Banana Odyssey is as easy to get into as many of the best casino games around. Does the slot have any banana skin slip-ups in-store or will it blast off successfully with players?

Banana Odyssey – The Basics

Developed for Microgaming by Slingshot Studios, Banana Odyssey is a five reel slot with ten paylines, all of them offering you a chance to win. It offers payout with wins from its expanding wilds feature and a free spins feature which has held wild reels. The game is designed for all sorts of players no matter whether they are experienced to slots or complete novices. It will work perfectly on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Ready for launch on 4th September 2019, Banana Odyssey has a strange but engaging visual design with multiple references to both space travel and science fiction as well as apes and their favourite fruit. It may not be Planet of the Apes but it certainly mixes both aspects well. In terms of the symbols you get when you spin, Banana Odyssey is fairly conventional which makes it easy to pick up. On the game's reels, you will see the usual picture cards but there are also special symbols, like the banana blaster and astro-nuts. There are two chimps who you will see from time to time as well, named Buck and Chip, plus the game's main symbol, all of which open up extra features. One cool aspect of the game's visual design is that it is really obvious when you have a winning line. Space lightning strikes to indicate you have been successful every time! Source: Microgaming

Banana Odyssey's Features

The game's main symbol depicting Banana Planet is the slot's wild. It will appear on reels two, three and four only, so don't expect to see it on the left or right-hand ones. When it appears on any of the three central reels, the game's expanding wilds feature comes into play - all wild symbols subsequently change into a wild reel. Similarly, if you see Chip or Buck, then you have gained two of the most rewarding symbols. These work as multipliers, giving you anything up to ten times your stake for a winning payline. Banana Odyssey has a free spin feature, too. This comes into play if you are fortunate enough to land a free spin scatter symbol on the three central reels. Ten free spins are then offered. Keep spinning to enhance your chances of winning. In fact, the slot offers the chance to win up to 400 times your stake with the right combination of symbols. Even if you are not lucky enough to win that big, the game offers plenty of chances to claim a prize. What's more, it has a funky in-game soundtrack to keep you entertained while you try your luck.

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