The Top Five Awkward Moments From the MTV Video Music Awards

MTV VMA's Source: Wikimedia The 2019 edition of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) are due to take place in August. The awards ceremony is certainly looked forward to by many in the music and entertainment industry as well as the public at large. In many ways, the VMAs are a barometer of what is going on in the industry, offering an indication of who is progressing in their career as well as whose crown looks like it might be slipping a little. However, the awards have a habit of throwing up awkward moments that can make you feel really uncomfortable as a viewer, too. You might wonder why you gave up your blackjack session to watch this year's VMAs if they have any embarrassing moments like these ones you may remember from past ceremonies.

1. The Mispronunciation of Camila Cabello's Name

In 2018, the VMAs constituted an opportunity to mourn the loss of the soul legend, Aretha Franklin. What many people remember from that event, however, was when Camila Cabello had her name so terribly mispronounced. The comedian, Tiffany Haddish, failed to say the name of the Cuban-American singer in a way that anybody could really recognise. The former Fifth Harmony performer actually scooped two of the top prizes. Cabello was named as Artist of the Year and as having starred in the best video. However, that did not stop Haddish from sounding as though she had ever heard of her before! The comedian went on to add insult to injury by stating that her problem was that she could, 'only speak English!'

2. Maluma Kissed His Dancer On Stage

Maluma may have a reputation for kissing fans from time to time but when he did so with one of his dancers, not everyone was sure this was part of the performance or not. Although his long-time girlfriend said she was fine about the incident, many viewers thought it was a strange act which may have revealed more about his private life than he had ever intended.

3. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Moved Seats

There is probably nothing unusual about celebrities wanting to have particular seats during an award ceremony. However, when Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had their request to change their seats leaked into the public domain, many people saw it for the sole reason that they didn't want to sit next to Nicki Minaj. Minaj went on to scoop the Best Hip Hop Award so she was probably not put off by the snub, however.

4. Madonna Swore During Her Announcement

The pop legend, Madonna raised eyebrows when she performed in a strange outfit during the 2018 VMAs. She led tributes to Aretha Franklin but many felt that she wasn't exactly sincere given that most of her speech seemed to be about herself, not the recently deceased singer. Then she capped it all off by cursing when she failed to open an award envelope first time. Quite the series of awkward moments – thanks, Madonna!

5. G-Eazy Failed to Kiss Britney Spears

When Britney Spears returned to the VMAs in 2016 after a significant absence many people thought something awkward would occur. The shocking moment that inevitably followed came when she was joined on stage by G-Eazy who moved in to kiss her but managed to fail spectacularly.

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