How Much Do People Really Pay for Coffee?

Roasted coffee beans Source: Wikimedia It may sound far-fetched, but the most expensive coffee you can buy has been processed through elephant dung. Trading at more than £385 per pound, this makes it one of the world's most expensive foodstuffs of any sort, let alone coffee! The makers of the Black Ivory Coffee brand insist that by feeding their elephants on coffee beans and then sifting through their waste material to extract the undigested parts of the beans, they are able to create a distinctive – if not unique – flavour. Once the poo has been removed from the beans, they are then roasted and made ready for grinding into one of the most remarkable – and dear – cuppas you could imagine. If you think that may be a little rich, then what about some of the globe's other expensive luxury coffees on the market?

Finca El Injerto Coffee

You may be pleased to learn that no elephants or dung are used in the production of this premium Guatemalan coffee brand. One of the main reasons that it sells at a price per pound which is not far off Black Ivory Coffee is that it is made from very small beans so you need more plants to produce the same quantity. It is exported globally.

Hacienda La Esmeralda

Cultivated in Panama on the best growing slopes of Mount Baru, this coffee is another one in the super category of expense. At auction it has been sold at prices well in excess of £235 per pound. For many coffee aficionados, it is the delicate flavour of Hacienda La Esmeralda that marks it out from others.

Kopi Luwak

This Indonesian coffee is also extracted from the faeces of mammals, this time Asian palm civets. It is thought that the partial digestion helps to ferment the coffee beans which, in turn, makes for a superior product. Prices start from around £125 per pound.  

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Saint Helena Coffee

Perhaps it is because Napoléon Bonaparte was exiled to Saint Helena that the quality of its coffee grew in reputation. This one certainly offers a rich flavour, the sort of thing you might find in a Parisian café today. However, it is nowhere near as cheap as standard brands coming in at about £60 per pound.

Fazenda Santa Inês

Widely consumed around the world, this is one of the dearest Brazilian coffee beans you could choose. Fazenda Santa Inês is only produced in the Mantiquera mountains and this may the reason that it has such a distinctive aroma. Many people detect fruity tones in its flavour that balance the natural bitterness of the coffee. If you want to try it, then expect to pay something in the region of £39 per pound.

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