Microgaming's New Generation Roulette

Microgaming Roulette Source: Microgaming When Microgaming launched its new version of roulette, the classic casino table game, in March 2019, the online gaming industry braced itself for something of a whirlwind. It had been billed as a game that would mark something of a sea change for both gamblers and online hosting platforms due to its sheer realism. Okay, so game publishers will often hype their latest products, but in the case of Microgaming's roulette, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal. In other words, it has been an instant hit, eclipsing plenty of other rival roulette games. Why is this particular version of online roulette such a game changer and what does it mean for the industry?

The Reimagining of Roulette For an Online Audience

Microgaming has established itself as one of the leading gaming software suppliers to the online casino market since it was founded in the mid-1990s. Since then, it has supplied some top-notch games which have been very successful, including versions of games like poker and bingo. When Microgaming wanted to reimagine the classic table game of roulette, the executives there turned to an English company named Switch Studios to develop it for them. Based in Ipswich, Switch Studios has experience with both social media gaming and software products for the online gambling sector. Microgaming charged their engineers with fashioning an ultra-realistic version of roulette which would make it stand out from the crowd. The end product was unveiled at SiGMA 2018, an iGaming exhibition held in Malta each year. Firstly, the game impressed everyone who saw it because of the three-dimensional layout that created an immersive experience for players, much like attending a real casino. Secondly, there was a notably strong version of the game for mobile devices, so often the Achilles' heel of games which run sophisticated graphics. Then there was the realism of the ball movement which was modelled in spectacular fashion. Many who tried it out thought it was the most realistic version of roulette yet to be created. Little wonder, then, that it was so keenly anticipated before it was launched. Microgaming roulette 3D environment Source: Microgaming

What Is In the Pipeline for Online Table Games?

With a hit game on its hands, Microgaming has not chosen to rest on its laurels. The game supplier now has plans that are already in development to bring other table games with the same level of detail as its roulette game to the market. Each will have the same slick design that matches realism with easy playability, so the developers say, at least. If Microgaming can pull off a series of table games that offer the same sort of contemporary design touches that its roulette platform offers, then few would argue that is has not merely developed a great family of games but that it has pioneered an entirely new generation of them. If so, then competitors will need to up their game because nothing in the online gaming industry stands still for long. Microgaming has already said that its new version of blackjack will be launched within the next few months. If it is as good as many expect it to be, then it could even give bricks and mortar casinos a run for their money.

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