The Future of Human Connections In The Digital World

Susan Bennett, the voiceover artist who makes Siri seem so human. Source: Wikimedia Modern technology has revolutionised the opportunities for human connection, learning and growth. As digital technology has improved it becomes more and more human. For example, the evolution of live casino dealers has made the experience of playing much-loved card games an immersive experience even when you are in the comfort of your own home. Apple’s Siri, is another prime example whereby it attempts to mimic humanity with conversational wit and even a degree of humour here and there. What's more, Google attempts to understand our behaviours by harnessing the number-crunching power of artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver more relevant information in a number of its service offerings. This means having better connections with users that make it feel as though they are getting a personally tailored service, even though there is nothing more behind the experience than some code, albeit sophisticated code. Despite the amazing nature of modern digital services, this is just the start of what we can soon expect. What does the future hold?

Virtual Reality Gaming Experiences

Although there are quite a few examples of VR entertainment around these days, the gaming world is yet to fully embrace the possibilities that this sort of digital technology has to offer. VR systems are currently being developed that will allow people to interact with casino croupiers and other gamers in an incredibly lifelike manner. If your style of play relies on watching out for other players' tells, then this is likely to be very appealing as the tech gets even more realistic. Equally, some tech companies are already working on VR systems that will allow for tourist-like experiences at a fraction of the cost of real-world travel. Fancy seeing Venice without the crowds or the carbon cost of flying there? If so, then the ability to do so is just around the corner. Virtual reality systems offer many exciting applications, from gaming to travel. Source: Wikimedia

The Social Experience

Although there are plenty of reports that will lead you to think that social media leaves us glued to our screens and dismally happy, there are, in fact, many upsides to being able to interact with friends and loved ones online. Human-to-human interactions obviously do have their problems online as the average Twitter user will tell you. That said, increasingly sophisticated AI systems for filtering out trolls and unwanted content are in development, which should make us all fall in love with social media once more. Shortly, there will be person-to-person experiences which are more lifelike than the current messaging and video interactions, and that means friends will soon be able to get together and really feel like they are in the same room, even if they are in different time zones from one another. Yes, it will soon be time to virtually party, wherever you are!

Feel the Beat

For some time, musicians have been interacting with one another online. There are numerous websites dedicated to matching up like-minded musicians who want to form a band or simply jam together. However, there is a big drawback with playing music on the internet and it is called latency. Essentially, unless musicians record themselves and send a file to a collaborator, they cannot keep in time with one another. The slowest internet connection for a plugged-in musician tends to lag behind any others, which makes real-time jamming impossible. In the online gaming world, the occasional time delay glitch is annoying but with musicians playing live, it is a real vibe killer. Soon, increased network speeds will mean latency becomes a thing of the past and jamming for fun or for an official performance will be practical. In fact, virtual conductors will be able to take control of musicians, instructing them to alter their dynamics and rhythmic patterns based on nothing more than artificial musicality. You could even find groups of musicians playing along with an interactive drummer bot - one which doesn't just set the beat, but which reacts to the groove as it changes.

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