Best Finance Apps for Robust Money Management

Woman working on computer Source: Pixabay We all try to save money. More money means a better savings account, which leads to great financial conquests like healthy credit, home ownership, and a hot new car. But how do you establish healthy money management habits? People used to somewhat easily manage budgeting and finances by balancing their check book. However, with the rising popularity of digital payments and online banking, most people just end up checking their bank balance and call it good. This can muddy proper financing and expense tracking. One way to conquer solid money management is through personal finance apps. Imagine, after you have saved all that money, you can set aside some extra for playing casino games to potentially make more money. For your convenience, we are covering five of the best free apps for healthy finance habits. Download any of these onto either your iOS or Android and transform how you spend (and save) money.


Mint is rated as the best overall personal finance app, according to The Balance. This slick and intuitive app also scores an almost perfect rating from the App Store. With a user-friendly interface, it helps you budget by linking directly to your checking and savings accounts. You will find your balance and all transactions neatly registered automatically, along with pie charts, budget creators, and savings goals. You will also find many options for customization, bill pay, and bill reminders. Additionally, Mint helps change your money management life by offering personalized tips on improving your credit score and saving as much as possible.


Prism is known as the best bill payer app. If you find it a challenge to remember bill dates and get those transactions paid with punctuality, Prism tracks them and sends you alerts about all upcoming due dates. The app contains a database for 11,000 billers, which is greater than any other competing app on the marketplace. Another great benefit of this app is that you can use Prism itself to pay all bills in the same day or several days in advance. You can skip logging into multiple bill paying accounts by simply logging into Prism to take care of the month’s financial responsibilities. All account balances and expenses are also continuously registered and viewable. Just a heads up, the app essentially only helps pay bills so it serves as a great supplement to another budget tracker app. Lady using financial app on mobile Source: Pixabay


Gone are the days of manually balancing your check book with a paper register and pen. Today, you have Monefy. Essentially the digital version of balancing a check book, you simply open the app, fill in the expense, and tap “Add.” This data is then synced among all your devices using Dropbox. Customizable or default categories are available. Monefy also looks great and is easy to use. Fun fonts, satisfying colors, and cute graphics add to your enjoyment of keeping a tidy checking account. Graphs make expenses simple to understand and analyse and the app supports multiple currencies.

Personal Capital

If you prioritize wealth and investment management, Personal Capital is for you. With more than 14,000 financial institutions to choose from, it’s a snap to link to all your accounts for a quick real-time dashboard view of your entire spending habits and up-to-date transactions. You also get a full-spectrum view of your financial worth that helps you micro-manage the innerworkings of your banking habits. Setup is also easy and convenient. Once logged in, you receive immediate free access to award-winning tools, including a retirement planner and the Investment Checkup tool. The Checkup feature allows you to analyse your risk and gives you an accurate assessment of how well your investments are performing and how they could work better for you. For an additional fee, you can also sign up for the app’s personalized investment and wealth management services to protect your net worth.

Birch Finance

Birch Finance helps you become a smarter shopper. If you are someone who frequently missed out on credit card rewards, Birch Finance will keep you updated on how to maximize all cash back perks. After signing up, the app provides you with frequent, useful tips to optimize rewards, including what you earn from airline, hotel, shopping, and travel perks. Like other personal finance apps, you also see your spending history as it is linked to your financial institution. All transactions will be synched, which adds to the app’s ability to help you out with your card usage. After using Birch consistently, you start to see your spending trends visually via different categories and merchants. An additional perk is that you receive a geo-location tool to show you reward possibilities in your area. It also recommends the best card to use on each individual purchase.

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