Famous female casino players you should know

Famous women casino players in the 19th century? It may sound like the plot for a really good Western movie but the truth is stranger then fiction. And the truth in this case is that women gamblers in history whilst often overlooked, were really good when it came to gambling. This #WomenCrushWednesday, we are celebrating a woman who influenced the casino industry and definitely left her mark. Dona Maria Gertrudeis Barcelo was one of the few women who were good at casino games in a traditional male-dominated time period.

Who was Dona Maria Gertrudeis Barcelo?

Dona Tules www.newmexicohistory.org Dona Maria who was born into humble beginnings and later become a successful business woman. Described as attractive and smart-witted, she often charmed those around her and was well-known as an astute player in gambling circles back then. Although her story might not be as newsworthy in today's times, if one considered the time period that she was born in, Dona definitely broke down barriers and stereotypes during her days. Although Tules passed away at 47, her influence and story continues to be told as that of  expert card dealer and independent business woman who had amassed a fortune doing what was way beyond expected of women back then. Find out more about other legendary female gamblers.

Other famous female casino players

  • Vanessa Selbst is a hugely successful poker player who regularly dominates tournaments
  • Kara Scott is a popular player who has shown she is not just a pretty face but also a skillful poker player
  • Eleanore Dumont was born in France and is widely regarded as a leading Blackjack winner who regularly won in blackjack tournaments

What do you think of women gamblers?

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