Breathtakingly beautiful castles

Beautiful Castles Castles have always been associated with history, majestic wonder and mystery. Because they were built years ago, they are also usually steeped in history and have been around long enough to bear witness to some extraordinary stories.  So why are we so fascinated by castles? It could be that we associate castles in the same light as royalty, prestige, love and wealth which they seem to embody - making them even more appealing. It is a fascination which only seems to increase with time, even over the years as these buildings age.

If these castle walls could talk?

Love stories have always been synonymous with castles and in many instances, castles are built to honour loved ones or to immortalise an unforgettable love story. In the North Wing of the beautiful Stratford Castle located in Durban, South Africa there is an indelible quote engraved which reads: But true love is a durable fire. In the mind ever burning. Never sick, never old, never dead. From itself never turning.

Straford Castle located in Durban South Africa Image Source: Boldt Castle located in New York was originally owned by George Boldt who wanted to build a six story castle as a gift to his wife. His wife, Louise Boldt tragically died before its completion and Boldt halted all construction and left following her death. He never returned to Boldt Castle which has since been turned into a major tourist attraction. The origins of Boldt Castle in New York involves a sad love story. Image Source:

Celebrity Castle Weddings

Modern love stories have also been influenced by the mystery and intrigue of castles. In fact, some celebrities have insisted on having their weddings in castles. Famous couples that have tied the know in castles include former Bond star Pierce Brosnan who wed Keely Shaye Smith at Ashford Castle Hotel in Ireland. Wish you could own your own castle? Play on one of the progressive games at Royal Vegas Online Casino and you could become an instant millionaire! The games often offer enticing multi-million jackpots that accumulate making it even easier to win big! People love searching online for exquisite castles and even travel all over the world to see them. Image Source: And who could ever forget the lavish, over-the-top wedding between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Italy's Odescalchi Castle?  Want your own love story? Build your way to big wins on the new Castle BuilderII™ online slot. Play Castle Builder II at Royal Vegas Online Casino Celebrity couples often prefer to marry in castles when choosing their wedding venues. Image Source: Another famous couple who got married in a classic castle venue was Kevin Jonas who wed Danielle Deleasa at Oheka Castle in Long Island. Oheka is a majestic castle located in Long Island. Image Source: The beautiful Dita von Teese also married Marilyn Manson at Castle Gurteen in Ireland. Although the marriage might not have worked out, the wedding itself was lauded as a glamorous and classy event. Perhaps one of the most romantic castle celebrity weddings to ever take place was at Castle Skibo where Madonna and Guy Ritchie wed in Scotland. Madonna and Guy Ritchie got married at Skibo Castle in Scotland. Image Source: Whether you are a castle lover or not, the mystery and intrigue of castles will always ensure that these old building gems never lose their appeal.

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