10 Reasons to Switch to Casino Apps

Apps are convenient and accessible.

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The last five years have seen a continuous expansion in mobile gambling. Players are using their mobile devices to play and pay for their online casino games now more than ever. Back in 2012, the growth rate for mobile financial transactions was just 6 percent. In 2018, the growth rate soared to 95 percent. In 2019, a Gambling Industry Report found that a whopping 70 percent of all online gambling transactions were made using mobile devices. And an increasing percentage of that is from casino apps.

Gamers everywhere are switching their online game to casino apps. But why are casino apps so popular? As you will see below, there are many advantages to playing on a casino app. Besides the convenience of having a library of casino games right at your fingertips, you can securely and instantly pay your bills by phone, receive 24/7 customer service, and engage in an optimized casino experience tailored for you. Here are ten benefits of switching to a casino app.

10 Major Benefits of Casino Apps

  1. Convenience at Your Fingertips. We spend a big chunk of our lives waiting. Whether it is sitting on the bus to and from work, waiting for our number to be called at the department of motor vehicles, or standing in a long line at the bank, waiting can be painful. So, when the opportunity arises for all that waiting to be turned into playing your favorite slot game, you take it and celebrate it. With casino apps, waiting time has now been turned into playing time. And the convenience of being able to play anytime anywhere is the biggest benefit of casino apps.
  2. Accessibility. Almost every adult owns a mobile phone nowadays, which means that casino apps are also making the casino experience accessible to many. Think back to a time where you had to take time off from work and family, dress up, save up, and meticulously plan your weekend outing to your favorite land-based casino. You can still do that, of course, but now you can also play in your own time.
  3. More Information to Make the Best Choices.  A big difference between playing on a casino app and playing online in your browser is all the information you get. Do you spend hours reading and researching the newest and best slot game to fit your preference? With a casino app, you can get ratings and reviews of all the games available right there in the app. Read other players’ comments, learn from their experience, and pick the games you want to try. Want to know the changing odds and statistical data for a game you are playing? Most casino apps provide that information in real time. This feature can really improve your game and casino experience.
  4. Prime Customer Service. At a brick-and-mortar casino, you may find that it is hard to navigate games you are not familiar with. But with a casino app, you can feel free to be a rookie and learn new games from scratch without any judgement. Not only are casino apps easy to navigate and include easy-to-follow instructions for their games, but you can also reach out to customer service for any hiccups, whether technical or technological.
  5. Loyalty Rewards. Once you choose and download a casino app, you are more likely to use it to play your everyday slots and table games. Casinos know this and they want to reward your loyalty. This is why in-app rewards are more generous than the offers you find when you play online in browser mode. Most casino apps will offer loyalty points, specialty offers, cashback bonuses, and cash deposit bonuses.
  6. Secure Transactions. With all the cashbacks offered and transactions made, you want to make sure that your money is being handled securely. First of all, keep in mind that it is in the casino’s best interest to keep your money safe. Casinos are regulated and vetted to ensure secure transactions and fair play. Moreover, casino apps have an extra layer of security. They have to pass an additional vetting process with your mobile phone’s application platform.
  7. Pay by Phone. Aren’t you used to doing everything through your phone by now? Most of us don’t blink at the thought of depositing a big pay check through our online banking or buying a nice watch online. Paying your online casino bills is just as easy and secure. Moreover, there are convenient ways to pay by phone with your account. Try signing up for monthly bills or pre-paid service to control your expenses. The pay-by-phone system is a cinch! It is so easy and convenient.
  8. Tailored Experience. Online casinos and casino apps offer an incredible variety of games, but choosing from a wide variety is not always easy. Here is where a casino app can help. You can personalize your preferences and the app will suggest new games based on your player history. You can also personalize the push notifications you receive to learn when a new game becomes available or a limited-time offer pops up. As with other apps, you can also customize the casino layout and other system preferences.
  9. Fun Casino Environment. With a casino app you have your own casino at your fingertips. Make it truly your own and have fun with it. What is your favorite place to casino? Do you prefer the electrifying buzz of a busy mall or the comfort of your home? Do you gather with friends at a coffee shop to exchange tips and tricks or do you prefer to pet your cat while you are mastering poker? Having a casino app at your disposal is fun, and the ways to experience it are only limited by your Wi-Fi signal. Get creative!
  10.  A Variety of Apps to Choose From. Before choosing a casino app to download, you will want to make sure that it is a secure app from a reputable source. Check to see whether your casino of choice is regulated by the appropriate authorities or go to a major online casino website and follow the directions provided on how to download their application. You will likely be guided to the Play Store or Apple Store where you can find, download, and create and account for their app.

Play your favorite casino game wherever Wi-Fi is available.

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Switching to a casino app has many advantages for online casino players. In fact, the only big disadvantage is the size of your mobile device and the quality in graphics of some games. But it is clear that programmers and game developers are focusing their energies on developing a better, more immersive on-the-go experience. In the future, graphics will be better, the speed of game will be faster, and the storage capacity for data and information will double. Expect big advances in quality and quantity of casino apps, because the future of online gaming is literally in your hands.

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