5 Ancient Cities That Remain Lost

5 lost cities: The Lost City of Z.The prospect of finding a famed lost city has inspired books, music, movies and television shows from authors and producers the world over. The concept touches on a primal desire for an adventure deep within everyone and the search for these cities has, as a result, pushed explorers to go to extreme and even fatal lengths. Below are just 5 of these legendary lost cities, one of which may in fact not be lost for much longer.


5 lost cities: Atlantis. The legendary city of Atlantis was first described by the Greek philosopher, Plato in 360BC. More than two millennia on, the search for the mythical city continues to inspire the imaginations of explorers and historians. The city is said to have been the hub of a powerful kingdom that employed advanced technology and a navy that would go unmatched for centuries. The city's destruction is said to have come around 9,600 BC in what Plato described as "one terrible night of first and earthquakes".

El Dorado

5 lost cities: El Dorado. First described by Spain's conquistadors, the city of El Dorado was originally described as a sprawling kingdom so wealthy that its king covered himself in gold dust and sat on a gold throne. Over the years, the legend grew from a single gold king and his throne to an entire city of gold. Although several expeditions have been mounted to find the lost city of El Dorado, no evidence has ever been found to confirm its existence.

Lost City of the Kalahari

Lost City of the Kalahari The Candian entertainer known as The Great Farini became one of the first western explorers to cross the treacherous Kalahari Desert in southern Africa in 1885. Upon returning to Canada, Farini spoke of a lost civilization buried in the sands. The entertainer had even taken photos that showed symmetrical stones stacked into what appeared to be wall-like structures. Throughout the 20th century, a number of expeditions have tried to retrace Farini steps but have ultimately failed to rediscover the lost city of the Kalahari. However, in 2016, Josh Gates, host of the television series "Expedition Unknown", used aerial scans and radar to discover man-made ruins near an oasis located just inside the Kalahari. Although his find is yet to be confirmed, it looks like this lost city may no longer be lost.

The Kingdom of Lyonesse

5 lost cities: The Kingdom of Lyonesse. Believed by many to be the inspiration behind the mythical Arthurian city, Avalon, The Kingdom of Lyonesse is said to have been a landmass in Britain's Isles of Scilly. According to geologists, the area has experienced a great deal of submergence over the last 3,000 years offering some credence to the legend of the sunken city. However, there have been many expeditions launched to discover any trace of the lost city, all of which have come up empty-handed. Discover the mythical city of Avalon and then choose from over 700 online slot machines available at Royal Vegas Online Casino. Discover the city of Avalon in Avalon II. discover the lost city of avalon.

The Lost City of Z

5 lost cities: The Lost City of Z. Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett first posited the idea of a vast ancient civilisation that had created a sprawling city in the jungle of the Mato Grosso region in Brazil. Fawcett nicknamed the city "The Lost City of Z" and set out with two compatriates to prove its existence in 1925. The three men vanished into the thick jungle and were never seen again. Since then, over 100 people have set out to find Col. Fawcett and his lost city. All have failed with many sacrificing their lives in search of the mythical city.

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