Discover New Fantasy Casino Games

Discover New Fantasy Casino Games

Are you ready to discover a beautiful new fantasy world? You can join mythical armies in their never-ending fight. You’ll be part of a struggle with sorcerers and beasts when you play Age of Conquest, and if you’re lucky you’ll emerge victorious with pockets full of gold. This new slot is coming to Royal Vegas’s on 16 June 2020, and is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime! Visit a Mythical Land Age of Conquest will transport you to a fantasy kingdom, where good is fighting against evil in an epic battle. Set in a beautiful landscape among castles and beautiful rolling hills, you can play along in the age-old struggle between light and darkness. Meet an elven knight and a stunning Sorceress and collect mythical beasts and magical objects. And, of course, the kingdom is also full of gold and jewels! Who will hold the riches in the end? This new game was designed by Neon Valley Studios for . Microgaming is known for always on the cutting edge of online

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New Casino Game Review: Roman Power

Roman Power Game

Are you ready for the second coming of the Roman Empire? In this new players will be called to join the Roman army and follow their hero into battle. World domination is no longer the goal, be prepared instead to play for riches of up to 4000 times your stake! A Dominant Debut Roman Power is the very first title designed by Spin Play Games, a casino games’ development studio that just formed in early 2019 and partners with . For its debut, Spin Play Games chose a high-volatility slot game with a powerful theme that appeals to players looking for straight-forward play and huge potential wins. While Roman Power does not feature a jackpot, Free Spins, or Re-spins, it offers full-screen win potential, expanding Wilds that appear quite often and Multipliers that can double, triple or multiply your wins up to ten times the amount. Keep reading this review to discover if Spin Play’s first online slot is the new game for you. Join the Roman Army The symbols of Roman Power

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Good Football News for Online Casinos!

Atihad Stadium, home of defending champs Manchester City

For some of us, waiting from one weekend to the next is already too long between Premier League games. It’s not just about football—it’s about the rivalries, debating with friends, the excitement of going to watch the game, and being able to bet on your favorite sport. It is not difficult to imagine the relief that must have swept through the offices of the world’s when the return was announced. Fans the world around are looking forward to the return this June 17. Here’s what to expect. Where the season left off The Premier League is England’s top football tournament, and one of the world’s favorite tournaments overall. In fact, it was more viewers than any other sports league in the world. So when it came to a stop right in the middle of the action, fans and players alike were devastated. The 2019-2020 tournament started back in August, with 20 of the UK’s top teams scheduled to play over the next nine months or so until May. In a

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Arthur’s Gold™: Camelot’s New Casino Game

Arthurs Gold New Game

Welcome to King Arthur’s Court. You have been summoned by the power of Merlin the wizard to play for riches in this valiant new . Are you ready? Read on for our legendary review. Arthur’s Goldä, the new game by Gold Coin Studios and , invites you to Camelot this 9th of July to win up to 4,000 times your original stake. This high-volatility slot game features Double Symbols, Free Spins with Expanding Wild Re-Spins and a coin toss that can double your wins every time! So, come on in and take a sit at the round table. A feast of gold awaits. The Round Table The symbols of Arthur’s Goldä feature the legendary characters of the kingdom of Camelot. At the highest end of the paytable is King Arthur himself alongside his queen, Guinevere. Sir Lancelot, the best knight of the court, is never too far from his one true, and forbidden love, Queen Guinevere, and completes the love triangle. There’s also Merlin the magician and the mystical Viviane. At the

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Discover Exciting New Casino Games

11 Champion New Game

If you’re looking for an exciting new game that puts you on the field with your favorite sports stars, then don’t miss 11 Champions when it hits Royal Vegas Casino on June 2nd, 2020. This fun, unique slot lets you live out all your footballer dreams, so you’ll feel like you’re playing alongside your favourite teams. It will be added to at Royal Vegas this summer, check out all the details in this review! Play with the Stars If you want to combine your love of fast-paced slot games with your love of football, then 11 Champions is sure to become one of your favourite games to play online. It’s easy enough for new slots players to enjoy, but also has fun new features that frequent players will enjoy. When you play 11 Champions, you can lead your favourite team to victory thanks to the customization options, and you’ll have the chance to score some wins for yourself along the way, too! It’s a unique new concept in the world of online slots that lets you collect wilds

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Royal Vegas Casino’s Latest FAQ: Horse Racing

two horses and jockeys on a racetrack

For as long as humans have been riding horses, there has probably been betting on horse racing. In fact, before lotteries and , horse racing was the only legal form of gambling. Even today there’s nothing quite like watching horses and their jockeys testing their power and speed together around the oval track. And whether you spend a day in the crowds at the track, watch the race with your buddies at your favorite sports lounge, or tune in from home, you may decide you want to try wagering on one of the stars. If you’re not sure where to start or just want to know more, we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions in today’s blog article. What are the basics I need to know? While you can choose your bet based on a horse’s name or your lucky number, there are a few other things to keep in mind if you want to try for a winning wager. The first is to look into the horse’s past performance. Also, check and see what the track conditions are and what the

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Inside the Elite of the Beautiful Game

Gareth Bale

Many fortunes have been made and lost in soccer, with the top players frequently demanding eight-figure contracts for their services on the pitch. Not only that, but many of the beautiful game’s finest players also earn a pretty penny from endorsements, public appearances, and business ventures, catapulting them into the stratosphere of the world’s wealthiest people. Read on to discover the seven and how they made their mark! 1. Faiq Bolkiah (Net worth: $20 billion) The richest football players in the world don’t necessarily have to be the best players in the , as is the case with soccer’s wealthiest figure: Faiq Bolkiah. Indeed, this Leicester City reserve has yet to make his full debut in England, yet his wealth easily outclasses that of any of his peers. How? Faiq Bolkiah is the son of Prince Jefri Bolkiah, a rich businessman from the Bolkiah dynasty. The Prince is well known for his lavish lifestyle, which includes ownership of hotels in Paris, New York and Los

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Take A Walk Down Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

Feeling a little nostalgic? If you’re craving the neon lights of the 80s, then Electric Avenue is just the game for you. This fun new video slot is loaded with symbols from everyone’s favorite decade, and you’ll enjoy an impressive 4,096 ways to win! Check it out in the at Royal Vegas starting May 12, 2020. Walk It Back A Few Decades The 80s might feel like a long time ago, but they’ll be fresh in your mind as soon as you see the neon lights and hear the fresh tunes that are built into Electric Avenue. This 6 reel, 4 row slot was built with nostalgia in mind, and has all the ingredients for a tasty visit to a simpler time. Whenever you spin the reels, you’ll see 80s-themed symbols like retro sneakers, Polaroid cameras, soda cans, Rubik’s cubes, neon signs, and more. To really set the mood, the game is accompanied by a reel of the decade’s greatest hits, so you can get in the groove while you play. And, with all the retro graphics,

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Online Casinos Don’t Gamble With Security

Biometric authentication is becoming more common

Playing your favorite slot or a few hands of poker is a fun way to gamble—risking your data and security online is not. As technology changes, all sites have to stay on top of the latest methods to keep their users safe. Cyber security is crucial when it comes to . Fortunately, online casino operators are aware of these security threats, and they are investing in security tools and systems to protect not just their interests, but also the interests of its members and casino players. Here’s how the norms are changing, and how online casinos are stepping up to keep your information safe. The importance of online security In today’s world, a ton of our information is stored online, including our contact information, bank account numbers, personal details, and even medical data. But theft on the internet doesn’t look like a bank robbery in an old movie anymore. Hackers and cyber criminals can be sneaky and hard to spot, even with sophisticated technology. Plus, they often take

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The Best Casino Films

A picture of Las Vegas lit up at night.

The over-the-top nature of Las Vegas makes it the perfect setting for countless movies across all manner of genres. Every Las is home to stories that could sew the seeds for the next big Hollywood blockbuster. Whether it’s gambling, raucous bachelor parties, backdoor poker games, or larger-than-life money heists, there’s no virtually no end to the number of movies that could be made about Sin City or casinos in general. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known casino movies out there and see what makes them instant classics. 21 Directed by Robert Luketic and released in 2008, tell the story of a talented MIT student who uses his mathematics skill to dive deep into the world of casino Blackjack. It’s worth noting that 21 is based on the book Bringing Down the House by author Ben Mezrich, which is allegedly based on real events. The main character of the movie is Ben Campbell, portrayed by Jim Sturgess. The story of the film starts with Ben being convinced to join

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