Dog day Friday afternoon – which work personality are you?

Funny dog on laptop gif

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We all love Fridays but we still have to get through a day of work… or in our case, we just write about memes to look busy! There are all types of personalities at every kind of office, and they’re perfectly captured by these dogs caught in odd moments – the question is, which one are you? Are you more than one?

Dogs at work 1

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Ten reasons you should play online slots

Why online slots are the best

Ask most players what their favourite casino games are and chances are someone is going to say online slots. These captivating games have enticed players and continue to do so. With bold vivid colours, engaging and rewarding games features, it’s not difficult to see why.

Reasons to love playing online slots

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The top 10 things to love about online slots

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The battle of the apps

Apple vs GoogleWe have reached a new phase of artificial intelligence in which artificial intelligence is a product itself, and not just a means by which to improve our lives. This is called the Consumerization of Artificial Intelligence, a situation in which people use those machines of artificial intelligence for their personal needs. And who are the biggest producers of Artificial Intelligence goods?

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Get your game on with exciting tournaments in August

Winners are made at Royal VegasAugust is looking great!

We have some exciting tournaments lined up just for you. And starring in our tournaments are some incredible Microgaming slots. Our tournaments are open to all players, as long you play with a real money account.

Get ready for some fierce competition and wonderful payouts in these tournaments:

  • Accumulator Tournament
  • August SUPERCASH
  • €25,000 Monthly Monster

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How to avoid shark attacks by playing at Royal Vegas Mobile

Avoid shark attacks and play at Royal Vegas MobileWe’re all about ocean safety after hearing about surfer Mick Fanning’s close encounter with a shark last week in South Africa. Don’t doubt our love for the waves through! But as much as we love the sea, safety is a priority, and if you’re a little weary of stepping into the water then why not play at Royal Vegas instead? Playing at Royal Vegas Mobile is a great way to stay safe, have fun, and win some money. Playing at our mobile casino means that you can play where you want and when you want. In fact, you can still visit the beach, just stay out the water, set up your umbrella, and log on to Royal Vegas on your mobile phone or tablet! [Read more…]