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If you are ever looking for the Craps table at a land-based casino, listen out for the screams, shouts and cheers. Although slots players are some of the most excitable casino players around, craps players are a close second. Royal Vegas Online Casino offers you all the excitement of craps, with none of the chaos of land-based casinos. Scream, shout, and cheer away in the comfort of your own home while you enjoy one of the world’s most thrilling dice games!

Roll that dice!

Craps is a dice table game in which players must make bets on the outcome of the double dice roll, or series of rolls. Players can bet against each other or against the shooter (person throwing the dice), making Craps the perfect online table game for strategic players who prefer a balance between pure challenge and skill.

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Excited yet?

Craps is the fastest-moving casino games type. An average speed at a busy blackjack table for example, is 60 hands per hour. However, the average speed at a craps table is 100 hands per hour, making it the fast-paced casino table game of choice for adrenaline-loving players.

How do I play?

There are two phases in craps, namely:

  • Coming out phase
  • Point phase

In the coming out phase, players can place bets on the Pass Line and then try to roll a 7 or an 11. If players roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 instead, that number becomes their point for the next phase.

In the point phase, players need to try roll the number they got in the coming out phase. During both phases, players can place side bets as well.

What are the types of wagers in craps?

  • Pass line bet
  • Don’t pass line bet
  • Pass odds
  • Don’t pass odds
  • Come bet
  • Don’t come bet

Single roll bets

  • 2 (snake eyes or aces)
  • 3(ace-deuce)
  • Yo
  • 12 (boxcars, midnight, or cornrows)
  • 2 or 12 (hi-low)
  • Any Craps (three-way)
  • Any Seven
  • The Horn
  • Whirl of World
  • On the Hop
  • Field

Multi-roll bets

  • Hard Way
  • Easy Way
  • Big 6 and Big 8
  • Place and Buy
  • Lay

Player bets

  • Fire Bet

What are those names craps players call out?

  • Nine: “Centerfield Nine”
  • Five: “No Field Five”
  • Four: “Little Joe, from Kokomo”
  • 4-5: “Railroad Nine”
  • Eleven: “Yo/You’Leven”
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