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Galactic Gold Online Slot

The planet is Aerius, aboard The Goldhunter, a spaceship holding the Aces of Spaces crew who are on a mission to search for gold on this mystical planet. Join the crew in the new online slot, Galactic Gold , as they take on villains, and other challenging elements in the fictional world of Aerius, in the hopes that they might find the gold hidden in the depths below.

An Intergalactic Experience

Space-themed slots are most certainly not a rare find, but sometimes even a frequently used theme can create a ton of excitement. The Galactic Gold online slot game is one such title. Every aspect of this online casino game has been expertly designed to provide players with an exceptional gaming encounter – whether they’re new to the online gaming sphere, or a seasoned player. With a sleek background that is filled with extra-terrestrial elements, adjustable game settings, and user-friendly mechanics, Galactic Gold offers the full gaming package. This title will be a welcome addition to the gaming catalogue at Royal Vegas Online Casino and will be available for your playing pleasure at the end of October 2020.

Theme And Graphics

Roscoe “Digger” Townsend is the leader of the Aces of Spaces crew, made up of Nova Nightshade, Arthur “Silver Tongue” Baker, and Nicky Powers. They’re on a mission to search for gold on the planet of Aerius, and in their search, they’re trying to outwit the evil villain Shayde Grimm, as he finds himself on a mission of his own – to stop the Aces of Spaces crew from finding the gold in the hopes that he’ll get to keep it for himself. Created by the talents at Royal Vegas in collaboration with the gaming experts at Microgaming, Galactic Gold features beautiful graphics that help bring the theme and storyline to life, whether you’re playing on a small or larger screen.

Who Is It Suited To?

Thanks to the Galactic Gold’s simple design, it caters to a wide range of player levels and types. New gamers will easily be able to alter their bet sizes or adjust the settings of the game according to their personal preferences. Seasoned gamers, however, will also find this title to be entertaining in many ways, thanks to its impressive bonus features, which include four potentially rewarding  progressive jackpot prizes.

Gorgeous Symbols

Adding to your entertainment encounter is a range of theme-related symbols, which also help bring this innovative storyline to life. Of course, the low value icons consist of the usual suspects: A, K, Q, J and 10. Roscoe, Nicky, Arthur, Nova and the baddie Shayde represent the high value markers of the game, with the Wild represented by the logo with the word Wild, and The Goldhunter spaceship standing in as the game’s Scatter. The Wild plays its usual role, by replacing all icons apart from the Scatter to help complete possible winning combinations. As previously mentioned, this slot offers flexible bet sizes, starting from a minimum of 0.01. The benefit of an adjustable stake is that it allows players to set a particular budget when playing, so that they never spend more than they intend to.

Great Bonus Features

Many contemporary slot games have a few things in common. One that always seems to be present in these modern slot releases is a Free Spins feature, which is usually triggered by landing the Scatter icon on particular reels. However, Galactic Gold has taken a different route when it comes to the bonus features of this slot game. Here, players can look forward to a fantastic progressive jackpots features that can be triggered at random. During regular play, a wheel will appear and upon spinning it, players could stand the chance to win one of four jackpots. The Gold offers a reward of 10 credits, the Grand 100 credits, the Galaxy 1000 credits, with the final Galactic jackpot offering up 10000 credits. Bear in mind that the payout amounts are currency dependent, and therefore could change depending on the currency used to play with.  

Play Responsibly

Royal Vegas offers a great range of responsible gaming tools to help ensure that players are always in control of the time they spend gaming. There are deposit limits, which allow gamers to set daily, monthly and weekly limits, enabling them to set a budget that they would like to stick to when playing. There are also options to take a break from gaming altogether, as well as session reminders that let you keep track of the amount of time you spend logged in and playing. For more information on the responsible gaming measures Royal Vegas employs, simply visit our site’s responsible gaming page.

Make The Most Of Your Bankroll

To help stretch your bankroll a little further, it is recommended that you set your bet size to the minimum stake amount, this means that you’ll get more spin time and therefore get to enjoy all of your favourite slot games a little longer. For new gamers, the minimum stake amount is also a good choice, as it gives them time to get familiar with the rules and mechanics of the game they’re playing.

User-friendly Mechanics

There’s no denying the fact that online slot games are among the most popular online casino games around. This popularity has resulted in software designers trying their utmost best to come up with innovative and intriguing online slot creations. Sometimes, it is this need to come up with new and fresh game releases that results in these software providers completely missing the mark – delivering overly complicated games that are quite difficult for players to understand or even get the hang of. This is the reason why the mechanics of the Galactic Gold slot game are so great. This title managed to hit the nail on the head by offering players a gaming experience with gorgeous graphics and a fantastic theme, plus easy-to-understand mechanics and bonus features that cater to all types of players.

You Choose The Device!

When online gaming first took off, players found themselves mainly playing on a laptop or PC device. This meant that they were limited to playing only in the comfort of their homes. But, thanks to the prevalence of mobile gaming, many players have switched from using their PC's or laptops to playing on their mobile devices and downloading the casino app. While mobile gaming is a common occurrence in today’s day and age, not all online casino games are tailored for play on a smaller screen. The good news, however, is that like most contemporary game release, Galactic Gold is accessible on a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet device, giving gamers the freedom of playing at any time or place of their choosing.

About Microgaming

Launched in 1994, Microgaming was one of the first software providers and has been responsible for many online casino game releases over the years. As a result, many of the software creator’s designs have become extremely popular amongst both seasoned and novice gamers. At Royal Vegas, players have access to some of the biggest Microgaming titles, with new releases added to the catalogue on a regular basis, giving you access to the latest and freshest gaming options.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slot games are particularly popular amongst gamers thanks to the great payout potential that they offer. The difference between progressive slots and regular slots is that a percentage of every wager placed on progressive slot games gets added to a jackpot prize pool. This pool continues to grow until it is won, after which it will reset, and the process will continue. Microgaming’s progressive network is one that is particularly well-known, having been responsible for more than one million in payouts since its first inception. At Royal Vegas Casino, players have access to all of Microgaming’s most popular slot games. And the good news is that, as previously mentioned, Galactic Gold will also offer a whopping four progressive jackpots.

The Galaxy’s Finest

Royal Vegas is known for its impressive ability to deliver memorable online entertainment, and the release of the Galactic Gold online slot game is set to cause massive excitement amongst its players. You’ll be able to give this online slot a go at the end of October 2020. With its impressive mechanics, four progressive jackpots, gorgeous graphics, compatibility with a wide range of devices and intriguing theme, a space adventure is waiting just for you!