Will Mayweather Take on McGregor Again?

McGregor- Mayweather rematch? Source: ytimg.com The world collectively sat up and took notice when Floyd Mayweather went head to head against Conor McGregor. McGregor, trained in Mixed Martial Arts as opposed to boxing, defied expectations entirely by abandoning the Octagon, and entering the boxing ring. The fact was scoffed at by many, who called it nothing more than a farce. It was, those people said, impossible that McGregor could possibly put up any sort of fight. A professional boxer isn’t made in a few months, after all. Either way, boxing veteran Mayweather beat McGregor, with few real surprises. McGregor however managed a very respectable 10 rounds, before the ref pulled the plug. Few other outcomes could have been the result, given the massive difference in the skill of the two fighters, but no one can deny that 10 rounds was a good effort. Now, however, it is being hinted at that Mayweather will come out of retirement, and take McGregor on in a rematch. Only this time it will be Mayweather who is the fish out of water, leaving the boxing ring and entering the Octagon.

Abandon Retirement For This?

Mayweather retired from boxing with a record of 50 wins to no losses. Few professional boxers can boast such an amazing record, although lesser-known Wanheng Menayothin, a Thai fighter, has recently equalled it. This begs the question as to why such a celebrated boxer would abandon retirement, only to enter into Mixed Martial Arts, where he has no reason to be at all. At least, he has no reason beyond the incredible money making opportunities. Rumours have been circulating as to how much Mayweather was paid for the fight, with some saying the total is somewhere around the $100 million mark, with all revenue streams taken into consideration. A truly baffling amount to be paid for a single bout, and great reason to want a rematch. In fact, with that sort of money being thrown around, one could almost say that a rematch is guaranteed, unless Mayweather decides that he can win just as much playing online slots, as he seems to enjoy a bit of gambling on the side too! Mayweather fuels MMA rumours Source: NY Times

But Will It Happen?

It seems that the gears are already turning as far as a rematch is concerned, at least as far as the hype would have us believe. In a recent interview McGregor called out Mayweather, saying that it sickened him that Mayweather was now retired, and he could not get his revenge. If this public statement is anything to go by, it would seem like the pre-hype is already underway. However, other rumours have said that Mayweather pulled out of negotiations for a rematch with McGregor, and has instead decided to lean towards attempting his hand at basketball. So it seems as if the reality of a rematch happening is not so certain. One would think that a second $100 million would be reason enough, but this apparently isn’t enough of a driving force for a man with a 50 to nothing record.

Wait And See

Hype, marketing and build up for major bouts takes all forms, including false rumours purposefully being started. Mayweather claiming to have pulled out of a rematch could well be simply a means of spreading hype about the fight. Or, however, it could also mean that Mayweather really isn’t interested. Given that Mayweather has posted videos of himself entering a Mixed Martial Arts Octagon, however, one leans towards thinking the rematch is inevitable. It’s simply a matter of waiting and seeing. If the rematch is confirmed, it would take Mayweather months to train, and at least be passable in a bout of Mixed Martial Arts. So perhaps this time is being spent stalling, while Mayweather gets himself fighting fit.

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