Wild Wins II are here!


Can you hear the jungle calling?

Great news guys - the Wild Wins II promotion has just started. So what are you waiting for? Play for a chance to spin the jungle wheel and win your share of €300,000 in instant prizes.

Here’s what you need to do:


The rules are simple:

  • Play your favourite games to earn Rewards points
  • Your Rewards points will fill up the progress bar
  • Each time you reach 100%, you’ll get a spin on the jungle wheel
  • Prizes on the wheel include Free Spins, Rewards points and a Bonus Round for even bigger prizes!
  • You can try and spin the jungle wheel as many times as possible to win your share of €300,000 in instant prizes

This promotion runs from 4 to 30 September, so sign up to unlock your wild wins.

Bonus: Top 3 Reasons You Should Live In The Jungle With Tarzan

  • You are pretty much guaranteed love at first sight whenever you meet another human being in the jungle.
  • It is basically one massive tree swing (the jungle that is). 
  • All of the biggest moments in your life would be accompanied by a Phil Collins song...

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