What Is Cool at the Electronic Entertainment Expo This Year?

E3 in 2018. Source: Wikimedia The 25th Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3 will take place this June in Los Angeles. In previous years, there has been plenty of innovation that has come to the fore at the show, not least the first glimpse of many new games and game concepts. At last year's event Nintendo let fans reserve their play slots to try out their Smash Bros. game rather than spend a long time queuing. Although this idea is something that has not yet been confirmed for this summer, we can expect many of the big players in the industry to put on quite a show. What does E3 2019 have in store?

The Best Show Yet?

Despite the huge disappointment that many will feel at the absence of one of the giants of the video gaming industry, Sony, not having a stand at this year's E3, many think that it could be among the best yet. Of course, time will tell on that one but because of the landmark anniversary and due to the fact that this may be the last year that E3 is staged at the Los Angeles Convention Center, lots of attendees think that the organisers will pull out all of the stops to make the show a big success. Certainly, plenty of electronic entertainment fans across the globe are looking forward to the Nintendo Direct stream that is scheduled to coincide with the expo as well as this year's PC Gaming Show which will feature contributions from Epic Games, Chucklefish and Tripwire Interactive, to name but three.

Square Enix Will Step Up

The Japanese video game developer and publisher has a press conference schedules for E3 at 6pm on the day before the expo officially gets going. Although this may be a mouth-watering enough prospect for fans of the Final Fantasy developer, the fact is that this is the traditional slot that Sony used to occupy for its press coverage. Perhaps Square Enix has something significant in the pipeline that it wants to make a song and dance over? We have already had an announcement about Kingdom Hearts 3 so perhaps there will be some exciting news on the Life is Strange franchise or maybe even Dragon Quest?

Electronic Arts' Play Event

Although it isn't officially part of E3, EA's Play event will be one of the highlights of the entire proceedings for many gamers. This is held down the road at the Hollywood Palladium and is likely to feature some cool new games from the publishing giant. According to EA, there will be no big announcement or public address, just pure gaming for those that love it! Rumour has it that the latest Star Wars game, Fallen Order, will feature heavily. The X-Box stand at E3 2013. Source: Wikimedia

Microsoft Is Still in the Game

The next generation of the X-Box is still shrouded in mystery. We know that it has been developing a new console, however, because it has a codename for the project. It is known as Scarlett but could Microsoft be ready to unveil it at E3? If not, then there is a good chance that we will be able to drool over the latest iteration of the X-Box One S, known as the All-Digital Edition. Lots of insiders think that Microsoft wants to make a big push at this year's E3, an understandable commercial position when you consider the lack of a real rival in the console market just now.

Has Ubisoft Something Substantial to Offer?

Let's face it, Ubisoft has been pretty quiet about Skull and Bones, its much-vaunted naval combat game concept, in recent months. Many think that the reason for this is due to a full launch of the game at E3. Not since Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has Ubisoft had a game of this type to promote, so prepare for action on this front. In addition, there is plenty of speculation about Beyond Good and Evil 2, a game title that has been highly anticipated in some quarters.

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