What are free slots and why should I play them?

Free-Games-1 Free Slots refer to online slot machines that you can play and enjoy without having to wager any real money. The slot machines that offer this sort of functionality are exactly the same as the ones you'll find at online casinos but will generally be accessed through a demo or free mode. But why would anyone interested in playing slots want to play without wagering? What's the point? Below we'll delve into the reasons free slots are both popular and advantageous to online casino players.

Games have evolved

The top reason that people play free slots is to familiarise themselves with a new slot game before they decide to play with real money at online casinos. By getting to know the casino games before playing, players are more likely to get a basic understanding of the way the game is played. Most casino games nowadays are not simply 3-reel fruit games. They often have their own unique scatter symbols and bonus rounds that differentiate them from other games. These mechanics may take a new player by surprise, especially when they are playing at an online casino for real money. Free-Games-2

Not all games are created equally

Another important reason to play online slots in free mode is that it allows players the chance to ascertain the variance that any given game offers. An online slots variance refers to the amount of inherent risk and reward any individual game offers the player. Some casino games will award players with many small wins throughout play, but do not frequently provide big jackpot wins - these slots have what we call low varianceOther online slots may provide much bigger prizes, but these wins are infrequent and players will often experience dry streaks between reasonably large payouts - these slots have what we call high variance. Now, the type of game a player chooses depends upon this variance. If you're a player with a small budget but would like to play for as long as possible, low variance casino games are the safest bet. If you want an increased chance of winning big (and you have the bankroll to withstand a dry streak) then a high variance game is the choice for you. Bringing us back to the topic of free slots, only through playing will a person be able to get a rough idea of the variance in any specific game. In this way, players will be more prepared when they deposit and play a real online casino slot. Free-Games-3

It's more than just a game

The final reason why players would choose to play a free slot is simply because it's fun. Many of the popular video slots nowadays have as much in common with video games as they do with classic slots. They feature high definition graphics, enthralling soundtracks and often include special bonus rounds that are highly interactive and involve the player far more than a classic fruit machine slot will do. There are also numerous movie-themed online slots available to players that let them immerse themselves in the worlds of their favourite blockbuster films. These slots often include clips from the movies themselves and offer dynamic bonus rounds that keep players on the edge of their seats. The growing quality of contemporary online slot machines means more and more people are playing them for their sheer entertainment value and not only for the opportunity to win money. Free-Games-4

In the end

playing free slots is the perfect way to pick up valuable tips and hints that will help the next you play at an online casino. Whatever your reasons for playing, make sure you take the time to play free slots to learn everything about the games you'll be wagering on!

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