Vacation ideas: Game of Thrones

Image: Image: Nobody would quibble with the contention that the TV series Game of Thrones is a visual masterpiece. Whatever your feelings on the artistic merits of the series, most would wholeheartedly agree that the costumes, makeup and locations used are aesthetically spectacular. If you've ever watched an episode of Game of Thrones and wished you could visit one of these exotic locations, here’s a breakdown of some of the places where Game of Thrones is filmed:

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Image: Getty Images/Flickr RM Image: Getty Images/Flickr RM From season 2 onwards, Game of Thrones started filming in the stunning location of Dubrovnik in Croatia. This seaport is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, and was even declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Dubrovnik is renowned for its picturesque beaches and historic buildings, as well as its annual Summer Festival, which is a 45 day long cultural event with concerts, live plays and games.

Country Antrim, Northern Ireland

Image: Alamy Image: Alamy Dark Hedges For locals, the beech tree lined road in Stanocum, Country Antrim is known as the Dark Hodges. For loyal Game of Thrones viewers though, it is more recognisable as the Dark Hedges of armoy and Kings Road. Visitors frequenting the Irish delight of Country Antrim can expect isolated, rugged landscapes, and will revel in visiting the unique Giant’s Causeway, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  There’s also time to take in a trip to the whiskey-producing Bushmills, and relax at Portrush, a popular seaside resort and nightlife area.

Essaouira, Morocco

Image: Getty Images Image: Getty Images This city in the Western Moroccan economic region of Marrakesh-Safi will be more familiar to Game of Thrones fans as the ancient city of Astapor (which played a vital role in the season 3 finale). Essaouira is located on the Atlantic coast, and has a temperate Mediterranean climate. Visitors to the medina can partake in many activities, including quad biking, cookery courses and photographic excursions.

Hverfjall, Iceland

Image: Alamy Image: Alamy For the Icy scenes in Game of Thrones, producers sought out the Hverfjall volcano, located in the Lake Myvatin region of Northern Iceland. In fact, most of the northernmost tip of Westeros is Iceland in actuality. While this area is inaccessible to visitors, Iceland itself has much to offer to tourists, including stunning vistas.

Doune, Scotland

Doune Castle The historic Doune Castle has served as a production point for a few movies and TV shows, including Game of Thrones, where it has been used as the set for Winterfell. Tourists to Doune will also find a host of delightful things to do, including a visit to the aforementioned castle as well as the Scottish Antiques and Art Centre. Can't get enough of Game of Thrones? Why not try out our wildly popular slot and check out these Game of Thrones merchandise. Image: Image:

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