Numerology and the Meaning Behind 11:11

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Numerology is the belief that numbers have meaning and power over our physical world. Do you have a lucky number? Or find that you prefer certain numbers over others? Perhaps you always set your alarm clock to times that end in 0 or 5, or waited for a certain date to propose to your partner. True numerology enthusiasts consult their charts before betting on casino games or remain loyal to a few lottery numbers. But whether you use them for luck or not, it is impossible not to have some sort of relationship with numbers; they guide our daily schedules and monthly routines, and dictate the exact date we celebrate a birthday or mourn a loved one who passed away. Numbers are everywhere! Let’s celebrate them and learn more about numerology, discover the special meaning behind 11:11, and use a method by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, to find your unique number based on your name and birth date.

Understanding Numerology

As stated above, numerology is the belief that there is a concrete relationship between numbers and coinciding events. Numerology has ancient roots and can be found all over the world. Modern numerology dates back to Pythagoras who believed that mathematical concepts ruled the Earth and were therefore the language of the divine. Even the Christian theologian St Augustine of Hippo believed in numerology and famously stated that, "Numbers are the universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth." Today, numerology is even used by scientists in search of numerical patterns that govern the physical properties of the universe.  

Look out for 11:11!

In numerology, the numbers 1 through 9 have special significance, the number 10 is considered “completeness,” and the numbers 11, 22, and 33 are master numbers. But out of all the infinite numbers of the universe, the series 11:11 is of special distinction. Have you ever heard someone say, “11:11, make a wish!”? It is a popular phrase that has been around for years due to the believed power of the quadruplet of the number 1.

The number 1 is the first number, the leader, and the powerhouse; but it is also a lonely number. It represents creation and the divine, and promotes the message that thought and intuition are the powers that make each of us creators of our world. But if 1 is creation and selfhood, 11 is double the power of 1. Following 10, which is completion, the number 11 brings a bit of chaos into the world and represents new beginnings. But two ones together also represent symmetry and balance. The number 11 asks you to reflect, “Where in my life am I lacking balance, and how should I change in order to achieve harmony?” The number 11 is a turning point that guides human action to a new balance of being.

So, if one is the self as creator and 11 is an active push for harmony, what does the double 11 or quadruple 1 mean? Numerologists state that 11:11 is a calling from the highest powers of the universe to begin a creative process; it is a celestial combination from above that urges you to act toward success. If you find yourself seeing the number 11 or the time 11:11 over and over again, pay close attention to the moment. Be mindful of what is happening around you and within you. Think about your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and use them to drive your next steps. The universe is giving you a green light to create, and it is encouraging you to turn your dreams into goals.

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Your number, by Pythagoras

Not seeing any 11s? Do not despair, Pythagoras has a number for everyone. Let’s find yours!

The Pythagorean method uses your name and birth date to determine your five personal numbers.     

            Your birth date = Your life path

            The vowels in your name = Your soul

            The consonants in your name = Your outer personality

            Your full name = Your destiny

            Your name plus your birth date = Your power number (that holds your life’s purpose)

Every letter in the alphabet is represented by a number, and you get your final number by adding up the letter values and further adding up until you get to a one single-digit number as illustrated below.

Alphabet value





a, j, s,



b, k, t,



c, l, u,



d, m, v,



e, n, w,



f, o, x,



g, p, y,



h, q, z,



i, r,







1+1+4+5+1= 12

3+9+6+1+1= 20

(1+2=3) (3+0=3) (1+9+8+3=21)




3+ 3+ (2+1=3) = 9         






According to Pythagoras’s numerology, James Cross’s power number is 5. What is yours?  

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