Our Top 5 Diamond-Heist Movies

Source: Flickr Who doesn’t love a good heist movie? Certainly not us, in fact, we would say we have a bit of a crush on this particular sub-genre. From the thieves and their schemes, to the mishaps threatening disaster at every turn, the heist picture offers entertainment like no other. This tried and tested formula originated in what is considered cinema’s first-ever blockbuster – a 2-minute silent classic from 1903, called The Great Train Robbery. Since then, we’ve been captivated by the white-knuckle thrills, shocking betrayals, daring escapes, unexpected captures, and belly-aching laughs provided by classics of the genre. As for what the thieves are attempting to steal, well it should come as no surprise that in many movie cases, they are after that most beautiful and elusive of objects: the diamond. If diamonds get you all starry-eyed, then wait until you play Starburst™ Online slot at Royal Vegas Casino. We’ve chosen five of our favourite diamond-heist movies – we think they’re pretty priceless, so let’s take a look.

  1. To Catch a Thief: We have to start with this genuine classic from Alfred Hitchcock. Released in 1955, this gem stars the dashing Cary Grant and the stunning Grace Kelly, as they contend with mistaken identity and a collection of stolen diamonds, while rushing around the streets of Paris.
  2. The Pink Panther: Another classic, this time from 1964, this slapstick crime caper poked fun at the heist genre. Moreover, it brought us unforgettable performances from Peter Sellers as the endearingly inept detective, Inspector Clousseau, and David Niven as his polar opposite, the suave and sophisticated jewel thief, as they race to get their hands on the shimmering pink diamond of the title.
  3. A Fish Called Wanda: If you don’t laugh out loud at Kevin Kline’s Oscar-winning portrayal of the worst diamond thief ever, then you must be dead. Along with John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Palin, petty jealousies abound in this hilarious diamond-heist movie from 1988 that’s a definite must-see.
  4. Snatch: This violent, but highly entertaining, Guy Ritchie-directed crime romp from 2000, features a host of disparate goons, all vying to one-up each other and get their grubby hands on a ginormous 84-carat diamond. From a Russian gangster and Jewish jeweller, to a boxing promoter, a posse of amateur misfits and the guys who stole it in the first place, there is no telling where the diamond will end up – the thick accents don’t help much, either.
  5. Ocean’s Twelve: The starry cast of Ocean’s Eleven (the blockbuster remake of a 1960 movie starring Frank Sinatra) return to the scene of the crime, this time to pay off their debt by stealing a diamond-encrusted Fabergé egg. The thieves are dapper and daring, their schemes outrageous and thoroughly entertaining.

Source: Flickr

Diamond Heists are Forever

Stealing diamonds has always been a lucrative way for criminals to make a buck. And we sure love watching them succeed, and fail, on the silver screen. We suspect that diamond heists will be the subject of countless movies yet to come. Let’s face it, we could have easily made this a Top 10 list of movies instead of just 5 – honourable mentions must therefore go to other classics like Rififi (1974), Thief (1981), Reservoir Dogs (1992), and Flawless (2007), to name just a few. Like diamonds themselves, these movie all have timeless appeal, drawing us into exciting worlds where thieves conspire to steal and cops conspire to catch. From action-packed thrillers, to laugh-out loud comedies, the subject of diamond heists is an absolute winner, transcending all genres and movie tastes. Who’s looking forward to the next gang of scheming thieves taking on impossible odds and winning/losing? We are, that’s who!

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