The World's Oddest Superstitions

Dices Source:Pixabay Many people are superstitious, especially sportspeople and gamblers it seems. Psychologists have conducted many studies into the relationship between gambling and superstition. Their conclusions show that superstitions can develop in some gamblers often as a result of successful outcomes and they go on to become a basis for future gambling sessions. If the player has won, then he or she looks at what transpired during the winning session. For example, this is how a player might decide that an article of clothing or some other activity was what was 'responsible' for their good fortune. What are some of the most bizarre superstitions from around the planet?

Turkey – Chewing Gum

Chewing gum might actually cause bad luck if you accidentally swallow it but in Turkey, there are many people who take it one step further. If you are seen chewing on a stick of gum at night, then some will say that you are actually closer to chewing on dead or rotting flesh in reality. As such, it is best to only chew gum in Turkey during daylight hours!

Czech Republic – Mixing Beers

Many people who have visited the Czech capital, Prague, will know that it is a centre of brewing and beer consumption. However, most people who go there don't realise that Czech people adhere to a beer-related superstition. It states that pouring a new beer into a used glass will bring about bad luck, if you are changing from one beer to another. Either stick to the same beer or insist on a new glass.

Spain – Eating Grapes

Consuming grapes is a superstition held by many people in Spain, especially those who live in a region that is known for its wine production. To ensure a successful year lies in store, superstitious people believe that you must consume a dozen grapes on New Year's Eve. This is done on the stroke of midnight when the clock strikes twelve. Every time it does so, you must pop another grape into your mouth. Grapes Source:Eatch

Latin America – Tuesday Weddings

All over Latin America, it is considered inauspicious to marry on a Tuesday. Although people do so, lots of couples will try to avoid this day of the week if at all possible. If the thirteenth of the month happens to fall on a Tuesday, then this date is considered by many to be particularly unlucky. In Greece, too, any Tuesday 13th is thought of as a superstitious day. People there won't merely avoid getting married but probably not shave in case of misfortune striking!

China – Flipping Fish

There are plenty of things you could say about Chinese culture and superstition. Chinese people tend to have many traditions which are carried out - in part, at least - for reasons of good luck. That said, one of the most bizarre superstitions centres on the way pan-fried fish is prepared and eaten. When it is in the pan, you should not turn it over otherwise this could lead to a calamity, such as a ship capsizing. When fish is served, Chinese people will often refrain from turning the carcass over in order to access its flesh. Instead, they are more likely to work their chopsticks beneath the fish to eat it.

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