The Top Fashion Trends For Valentine’s Day 2019

 Valentine's Day can have its own kind of unpredictability. Sometimes it’s easy to know exactly what you want to wear, while at other times you may simply not have a clue. Yet however you feel, there’s always the need to dress for a special occasion regardless of whether you choose to celebrate at home or plan to go out and turn Valentine’s Day into a more festive event. To make the day as exciting and enjoyable as possible, many couples decide to mark the occasion by organising something extra special like a themed night in a casino. The famous Macau casino, for instance, has inclusive luxury packages which include casino games, an exotic menu and access to spa facilities.

Creative advice from Katharine Polk

Whatever your choice, it’s useful to take a look at some of the latest V-Day fashion trends so you have plenty of style options – and also to give you some advice on what you really should avoid. And what better way to do this than to look at some tips offered by the renowned celebrity fashion designer Katharine Polk. Her experience of dressing celebs such as Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez makes her well-qualified in matters of Valentine's trends and tips. And after all, as founder of KRP Creative (and also its creative director) her expertise is sure to be worth its weight in gold. So, to be sure you’re on the right track fashionwise, just take a moment to check out her advice below.

Your top Do’s and Don’ts for Valentine's Day fashionwear

  1. Always be yourself – because, whatever you wear, you won’t feel good if the impression you’re making is a false one. It’s always best to dress in a way that reflects your own personality.
  2. Only wear what you’re comfortable with – so, for example, don’t clutter up your outfit with accessories you don’t really want or need. A Valentine’s Day outing should never feel stressful or complicated – it’s just not the time for any experiments you’re not quite sure about.
  3. Choose lingerie that fits you well. And once again, something that leaves you free to enjoy what should be an occasion you both remember for all the right reasons, and not because one of your fashion ideas backfired.
  4. Stick with your style. Don’t risk important occasions like V-Day by making sudden switches and trying out new styles on a whim. You know what suits you, and if you attempt to introduce a new ‘signature’ look, you may end up confusing matters at best.
  5. Avoid trying too hard. By all means be happy to let your partner see you have put some thought and effort into your preparations. Just don’t let that spill over into something more. Remember, one person’s ultra-keen can be another person’s ultra-desperate!
  6. Avoid anything too tight. You know you won’t be comfortable, and you know too that it may send the wrong kind of signals when your real message is meant to be much more meaningful.
  7. Don’t dress just for your partner. It’s not a route you should go down if you want a relationship you both own.
  8. Whether you’re dressing or shopping, ‘long & fitted or short & loose’ is always a good way to go!

Valentine hearts Source: pencilparker

Hot fashion trends for Valentine's Day 2019

To be on trend this year, you should be looking at elegant Chantilly-lace tops and bias silk dresses. Super-sexy Chantilly lace gives you a fabulous option for layers. By all means have some skin visible, but remember to combine it with another item which is not so revealing – like a stunning pair of silk pants. Choose a gorgeous bra you can wear that’s designed to be seen and you’ll have yourself a fantastic look. Bias-cut silk is the best choice if you want a slinky dress, and if you plan to show off those fantastic legs, you can’t do any better than go for a full-length sleeve dress – enhanced, of course, with that all-important thigh slit.

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