Tech pieces only rich people can afford Rich people- they certainly don’t live in your and my world.  While we worry about the mundane necessities of everyday life like paying our bills and affording healthcare and education for our kids, they dabble in an opulent lifestyle that most of us will only get close to in our dreams. Need proof that the rich have it good? Check out these pieces of tech that only the obscenely wealthy could possibly afford:

Vizio 120″ R-Series 4K TV

Cost: $129,999.99 While th modern trend amongst millennials is watching their favourite movies and TV serieson tiny laptops and tablets, nothing beats watching these shows on a proper television, especially one which is state-of-the-art. Unfortunately, this gorgeous Ultra HD television with 4K resolution is probably out of the reach of most of us cash-strapped mortals. It’s essentially the best TV money can buy, with 800 nits of brightness , an incredible picture, colour and contrast resulting in life-like clarity, and all the apps you could hope for to go along with it. At 120 inches big, you’ll need a lot of space to fit it in your lounge, but you probably won’t need to visit the theatre much anymore.

MWE Emperor 200 Workstation PC

Cost: $49,000 This little gadget might be called a “workstation”, but you’ll hardly feel as if you’ve been working while issuing it. It contains features that you only imagine in your wildest dreams: a touch screen, light therapy, HEPA air filtering system, an electric powered leather seat, and a 360-degree programmable rotating podium. You better work hard if you want it though – the average person would have to use a year’s salary to afford this “work treat”.

Kohler’s Numi Toilet

Cost: Toilet - $7,000 / Remote - $900 kohler-numi-collage Who says that going to the toilet has to be a crappy experience? This wonder toilet is fully automated, which means that it’s fully automated and you’ll never have to get hands dirty by touching it, with a motion-activated sensor enabling the cover to open and close. Its separate touch screen remote (which you have to buy separately from the toilet itself) allows you to control all its features, of which there are many: you can expect a heated seat and a heater for your feet, colour-changing lights, an integrated bidet and even music.  Topping it all off, it’s self-cleaning, meaning that the arduous task of cleaning up after your visit is eliminated.

Luvaglio Laptop

Cost: $1,000,000 Think you’ve got the fanciest laptop around? Think again. The Luvaglio laptop is no ordinary laptop though – its cover-the-top features means that it’s almost exclusively a consumer product for bored millionaires.  It’s exorbitant, million-dollar price tag can be attributed mainly to its designer fabric casing, solid-state storage, incorporated screen cleaner and blue-ray player. In actual fact, most of its feature are also common in other laptops, and its aesthetic appeal is the main reason for its millionaire status.

Racing Simulator

Cost: $185,000 So you have a need for speed but are too afraid or unable to live out your dream on the race track? This realistic racing simulator is the perfect way to make your dreams come true, as it perfectly replicates the conditions you would experience on a real track. This amazing invention, which weighs 2,100 pounds and can hold a driver that weighs up to 300 pounds, will twist and turn just as it would if you were in an actual race car. All the racing car elements are there as well: accelerator, brake, two-paddle gear shifters, and clutch. Safe adrenaline doesn’t come cheap though, as you’ll have to fork out $200K to experience it. Can't get enough of the wealthy lifestyle? Check out celebrities private islands

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