Star Wars in real life

star wars Credit: Star Wars is super-cool, and it gives us a glimpse of what might come our way in the future. Or are we already living in the future? Some stuff from the movie is already out there today, thanks to some crazy scientists and engineers that have created all of these marvels. Let’s take a look at some Star Wars technology we can find in real life today. star wars Credit:


So we all like to play our favorite movie actor, but how are you going to play a Star Wars character if you don’t have a lightsaber? There’s the amateur way of doing it, by carrying a massive battery, which is connected to a fluorescent light which you have painted in a color you like, or…….maybe there is a different way. Researchers at Harvard have discovered a way to make light behave like light sabers, called photonic matter. I’ll spare you the details but imagine we’ll all be walking with sabers soon! Coooooooool!! star wars Credit:

Ship-based lasers

Probably one of the most fun parts of Star Wars is the actual space battles, with massive capital ships bombarding each other with laser weaponry. While this might look a little crazy, it’s actually not! The US Navy has always been the ones with the newest “toys”, and so they have been testing the laser weapons for years. Currently, it is still only used for point defense instead of massive battles, but the fact that they have installed laser weapons on their latest ships means they do see the value in it. They are very useful to destroy enemy drones I’ve been told. All I know it….I want one on my car bonnet next time I’m stuck in traffic. If you like a good battle, you should definitely try Battlestar Galactica online slot. This amazing slot at Royal Vegas Online Casino will surely get your blood pumping! battlestar galactica online slot

Autonomous fighter planes

This might not come as a big surprise but the space fighters we saw in the Star Wars movie are not too far from real life. Several military armies already use UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), though they do still need a human operator to fly them. Though they want to go even further and build an autonomous robot fighter, called the X-47B. Let’s see where that project is going to end, but all I know is….Star Wars isn’t too far fetched anymore! star wars Credit:

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