Slots to fit music genres

Feel like listening to some music while you get your game on? At Royal Vegas, we have online slots that fit every musical genre! Here are some slots that are appropriate for a particular type of music type:

Hip-Hop- Loaded

Fancy some Djs, fancy cars, bootylicous women and lots of cash- the 5-reel slot Loaded is the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for a bit of chillin’, hip-hop , fun and winning.

80’s Music- Crazy 80’s

Got a hankering of the early days of Madonna, Prince, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson? Then this slot is the perfect game for you, evoking all the spirit of the decade of big hair, big clothes and big music, and takes you on a nostalgic and crazy musical journey back to the 1980’s.

Disco - Boogie Monsters

Oh yeah! Jive on back to the 70’s and the era of disco with the cheeky 5-reel Boogie Monsters, which is a perfect ode to the decade of bell-bottoms and funky hairstyles. The colorful monsters are the perfect travelling companions back to this funky time.

Rock – Get Rocked!

Take a trip to the Paradise City and rock out with the Get Rocked Slot. If stadium rock, and burning guitars gets up and dancing, then you’ll love this rock-themed game.

Smooth Jazz- Private Eye

Kick back and take in the smooth jazz sounds as you try to uncover the mystery and win big cash on the 5-reel slot Private Eye. Whatever your musical taste, you can find the perfect online casino game at Royal Vegas!

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