Slots machine secrets every player should know...

man playing at the casino Love playing slots but wish you knew all the tips and tricks of the trade? Then come a little bit closer for the lowdown on swinging the slots in your favour. You know the insider scoop on how to turn the odds in your favour by finding out about slots machine secrets that you have always wanted to know. Eager to know how to beat the house advantage? Read on and find out more.

Beating the house - All you need to know

Three or four reels? Video or Reels Slots?

So you have played online casino slots for years now. Maybe you play a little on the reel slots and maybe sometimes you enjoy playing on video slots. But have you ever wondered which slots give you the bigger advantage?  Statistically, it is easier to receive 3 symbols in a row then four symbols, therefore playing on three reel slots would give you a greater chance of winning. 

Enticing Progressive slots

With incredibly lucrative jackpots on display, progressive slots are always enticing to anyone playing at a casino. But with so many games and varying jackpots, how do you pick the best game to play on? The key lies in doing a little bit of research on the jackpots on display. Pick a progressive slot with a high primary and secondary jackpot for a better advantage. winning big

How to choose the right slot game?

Look out for the games which offer Free Spins features (particularly the ones that can be retriggered). Other rewarding features to look out for when choosing a game include bonus features like free games which allow you to get more playing time without paying more. making decisions

One payline or three?

Different slot games feature one, three or more paylines. If you receive a winning combination on any of these paylines it should result in a win. From this point of view, you would think the more paylines, the more chances you have to win right? Wrong. Even though more paylines could increase your chances of winning , when you do you win on any of these paylines it usually results in smaller wins. So you would actually stand a better chance of winning big if you select the one payline option and scored a winning combination in the center line of your screen. What is your top tip for playing online slot games? Do you prefer playing at the tables or on the slots?

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