What Vintage Technology Is Accruing Value Over Time?

SONY Walkman Source: Wikimedia If you have an old Walkman made by Sony when it initially launched its personal cassette player or one of the first generation of Sega home video games devices, then do not throw them away. Keep hold of them because such items are now accruing in value as collectors' items. Like antique furniture of jewellery, old technology from the latter half of the twentieth century can be worth a great deal, especially if it is from the first generation of a product line that went on to be successful. So long as it is in good working order and – even better – comes with its original packaging, you could be in for a windfall if you choose to sell. Okay, a first generation iPhone may not be able to run a sophisticated online casino these days, but it can still earn you a fair amount. What are the technological gadgets you might have upgraded which could have been worth thousands had you kept them?

Deluxe Talkboy

Like many technological items that have been growing in value over recent years, the Deluxe Talkboy was a Christmas present hit. Released in 1992, part of the recorder's success was down to the the fact that it had featured in the hit movie of that festive season, Home Alone. If you have one in good working order, then a collector will be likely to pay in the region of $250, or £190.

ZX Spectrum

This early home computer was developed by the British engineer, Sir Clive Sinclair. It is thought of particularly fondly in the UK where is was many people's first exposure to the world of computing after it launched in 1982. Despite Spectrum game emulators being available, there is nothing like playing them on the real thing. A ZX in mint condition could be worth up to $870, or £665.

Atari 2600

This games console was incredibly popular all over the Western World. With fast-loading games on cartridges and some classic titles like PacMan and Space Invaders, the Atari console led the way for years after it first came out in the late 1970s. If you have one with all of its controllers in good working order - sometimes the joysticks it came with have not survived - then you can expect to get a sales price that approaches $1,000 or around £760.

Polaroid One-Step

Polaroid OneStep Source: Wikimedia When you wanted instant pictures in the age before digital photography, there was only one gadget that delivered. The Polaroid One-Step took reasonable snaps and produced them for you without the need to send film to a developer. Launched in 1977, this best-selling gadget is now sought-after by many collectors. Early ones can command prices of almost $300, or £230.

Sega Genesis 1

This ground breaking games console sold by the millions in the 1990s. Known as the Sega Mega Drive in European markets, it was considered by many to be a cut above its competitors' products. Collectors who want to own one that has not been used much are willing to fork out some hefty sums in order to secure a console. If you have one with its original packaging in your attic, then you could fetch the princely amount of $2,000, or about £1,525.

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