Android is Making Your Casino App Better

Android 11 is here! This is the official Android 11 splashscreen.

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Your mobile phone is your constant device. At this moment, it is probably at arm’s reach where you can check the time, respond to a friend’s text or see if there are any new updates that will improve your casino app experience. You don’t really check for updates, you say? (Full disclaimer: we would much rather dive right into our virtual poker game too.) But! The folks at Android have been working hard to offer you some helpful features to make that constant device of yours shine. And, boy, have they delivered! Android’s new updates focus on the phone’s usability and privacy. Here is what to expect and how these new features will benefit you as a mobile casino player.

The Android 11 Update

The newest Android operating system is here!  The Android 11 is a free update launched on September 8, 2020. And by “launched,” we mean that the final version of the Android 11 software has begun rolling out, though it is not on all phones right now.

3 New Useful Android Features

The first thing you should know is that Android’s new features are subtle. Android 11 will not make you dinner or take care of your kids while you play online. This upgrade will mostly look like the phone you know and love, with some added perks and important features to protect your privacy and help you communicate better with friends and family. It can also save your life, but more on that later. Let’s take a look.

Conversation Bubbles! Remember how a phone is supposed to help you communicate? Android 11 brings you a change in the notifications tab that will help you do just that. The notifications tab is now split, with a conversations area at the top for all chat notifications (other areas include Alerting Notifications and Silent Notifications, which you can customize). The conversations are all the chat apps like text, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Twitter, etc, that are worth paying more attention to.

You can also pin any conversations into a Bubble, which will take the chat of your choice as a floating icon onto your main screen, so you can chat away while doing other things. Done with that chat? Unpin it (Unbubble it?) and done. You can also silence a chat, so your phone is not constantly blowing up when a particular group text is getting chatty (the conversation will still remain in the notifications so you can check it later) or prioritize a chat when you want to get notified even if the Do-Not-Disturb mode is on. Deleted a notification by mistake? Your full notification history can now be found in Settings.

Privacy and Security. The Android 11 update has added an important security layer to your app permissions. Now you can grant apps the permission to access your location or camera on a one-off basis, instead of the existing permission to have access all the time. No third-party apps will be allowed to access your location, camera, or microphone while running dormant on the background, and they will require permission every time you use them. This way, you won’t have to worry about a third-party app tracking your location. Also, the phone will automatically revoke permissions to apps that have not been in use for a long time. You can customize this to give certain apps access “while using the app” or “all the time,” but we strongly recommend you make use of this privacy feature.

Accessibility and Inclusiveness. The cell phone experience is one for the senses, but what happens when you have hearing loss, speech problems, or can’t see your screen due to special needs or age-related conditions? The Android 11 is here for you. Users with hearing loss (or anyone wearing head phones while playing their favorite slot game) can set up notifications so that their phones vibrate and flash when it detects a fire alarm, earthquake, or even a beeping household (smart)appliance. And the Google Duo videocall feature turns people’s speech into words you can read which is incredibly helpful if you cannot otherwise hear a conversation.

For age-related conditions and speech disabilities, the Action Block feature will let you communicate by pressing different icons. You can customize a button to call 911 or other contacts or send short phrases of speech or text. Moreover, the Android 11 will recognize an emergency and instantly share your location and important (customizable) information to first responders when you call 911 (such as if you are a native Portuguese speaker and need an interpreter). This will save precious seconds in an emergency, which could save your life.

Android 11 updates are available on Google Pixel and other Android-powered mobile phones

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Another cool new update is the braille keyboard and the Lookup app which allows people with limited vision to scan labels and understand what’s in their food. And, of course, there is the Google Assistant we all love, Hey, Google, and it now works with all your apps. Customize it to say, “Hey, Google, open the casino app.”

Play Better with Android 11

As you can see, with Android 11 you can play your favorite casino games in a better environment. Use Bubbles to chat with your buddies while you spin the reels of a slot game or set up vibrating notifications to alert you if there is an emergency and you are too focused on video poker to notice. More importantly, you can use your favorite online casino app knowing that it won’t be tracking your location unless you grant it permission. Enjoy the updates!

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