Mortal Kombat’s 3 deadliest female fighters of all time

Source: Source: Ed Boon, the co-creator of Mortal Kombat, recently asked fans in a twitter poll which female fighters they missed most in MKXL. Jade came out tops with 37% of the vote. This got us thinking, not only about the ones we missed most but the deadliest, most brutal female combatants to ever enter the arena as a whole. Here are MK's 3 most vicious female fighters of all time.


Source: Source: Sheeva made her debut in MK3, and is a four-armed half human, half dragon being that possesses incredible strength. She has the ability to summon fireballs and stomp the ground with incredible force, causing damage to opponents. Signature Moves: Jump Stomp, Jump Crush, Fireball


Jade 1 Introduced as a secret character in MKII, Jade’s combat characteristics include her sharp-pointed staff which can transform into ‘razorangs’ (a combination of razors and boomerangs), and a ‘force rejection field’, which causes projectiles fly harmlessly past her. Signature Moves: Razorangs, Eclipse Kick, Shadow Flash


Source: Source: A clone of Kitana, Mileena is a deadly combination of beauty and beast, with incredible agility and speed. Popular for her ferocious hand-to-hand combat style, Mileena is a bloodthirsty killer with some of the best finishing moves, which include the ability to rip her opponents in half with her Kartakan teeth. Signature Moves: Tele-kick, Leaping Neck Bite, Smashing Roll

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