Minimalistic batman characters


Harvey Dent was needed. He was everything Gotham has been crying out for. He was… a hero. Not the hero we deserved – the hero we needed. Nothing less than a knight, shining…”

Commissioner Gordon – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™

Last month we featured the work of a talented artist J.E. Mark who created a series of digital art of his impression of 6 retro batman villains. This month we have a new set of batman character illustrations, this time in a minimalist style by Eduardo Cortes Trujillo. He has created the full range of batman characters from Bane and the Joker, to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Plus, why not enjoy the world of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ at Royal Vegas with our blockbuster slot game. With a massive 1,780,000-coin jackpot in addition to the slot's cinematic inserts, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ is definitely one to keep your eye on. Gallery-image-1 Gallery-image-2 Gallery-image-4 Gallery-image-3


Red Hot Devil slot ... 3D printed concrete castle? ...