Men Vs Women – What are their gambling habits?

Men Vs Women – What are their gambling habits? When gambling began, it was exclusively the preserve of menfolk. Casinos, pubs and gambling dens have not been welcoming to women. Even in movies, men are generally portrayed as playing games surrounded by women as observers. Although men still form a large majority of gamblers compared to women, recent studies have painted a different picture. As online casinos became more popular, there’s almost an equal distribution of men and women who gamble, since the casino games are accessible on desktop and mobile.   The legendary musician Gladys Knight, actress Shannon Elizabeth and Vanessa Selbst a successful poker player who regularly dominated tournament are just some of the famous female casino players of all time.

What are the differences in how women and men gamble?

Men gamble more often than women and on more gambling forms. Another factor is that unlike men, women play over longer sessions at lower stakes Studies show that men approach gambling as an exciting activity for which they can get big payoffs and that explains the huge risks they take YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Famous Female Casino Players You Should Know Women gamble for recreation and relaxation and play games that don't need much skill such as online slots and bingo unlike men who are known as ‘action gamblers’ and prefer to play games requiring more focus and skill such as blackjack or poker Women start gambling in their early 30’s while men start in their early to mid-twenties and the later deposit more than women YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Girls with Guns  Why do they play online? Women tend to gamble for charity and special causes or just as a general escape from stress and boredom. For men, they gamble for social reasons. Table games such as poker and blackjack are mainly played by younger men and women as opposed to older men and women who prefer roulette or slots. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Veterans and Rising Stars: The Who’s Who of Ladies’ Pro Poker 2017

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