8 Travel Apps to make your next flight better

Airhelp_travel_apps Image source: AirHelp Have you ever missed a flight or had to shift things around to re-book it (and pay extra)? Or booked a flight the night before and stumble across a cheaper flight the following day? Then when you finally get to travel, you realize that your flight is delayed and when you finally get onboard, you are greeted with poor services. To add insult to injury, when you get to your destination, you cannot find your baggage either! How annoying! If this has ever happened to you, you’ll be happy to know that there are apps that have been created to address this and other common travel related issues. Hopper_best-travel_apps


This travel prediction app is available for download on Google Play and is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. After analysing billions of flight prices daily, Hopper predicts the price change and sends you a notification of the next the cheapest flight available!

Some of the exciting features it has include:

    • Getting notified once a price drops
    • Predicts the best time to book the flight, including cheapest travel dates
    • The auto-save feature cuts down your booking time. You only enter your information once and make your booking in less than a minute

Route Happy_best_travel_apps


When we book flights, we always assume amenities such as seats, entertainment, Wi-Fi and fresh food are included in the airfare only to realise none if not few of these are included. This is where Routehappy comes in. It contains an unbiased Flight Score by cabin for every flight you are interested in. The rating helps to enhance flight shopping and tailor-make the flights based on user preference and experience. Flyr_best_travel_apps


If have ever wished to hold a flight for a while longer while you get all your ducks in a row, then Flyr is an app to download. After you have searched and selected your flight, they 'lock in' your airfare from rising for 7 days - at a small fee. Should you get a cheaper flight, you can switch or cancel without being penalised.

Options Away

The cost of changing flights is expensive. The Options Away app allows you to save your booking for more than two weeks or until the fare drops or when a better itinerary is available. It also offers additional travel-related information such as hotel accommodation and renting cars. 


Many times, our flights get delayed due to one thing or another. AirHelp will do the 'dirty work' for you of helping you get paid when your flight is cancelled, overbooked or delayed! There have been payouts of up to $600. They offer help with flights covered by European or US laws only. How it works:

  • Register and send them details of your flight to check for eligibility (flights as old as 3 years)
  • They take up the paperwork and communication between the airline and any third-party
  • When the offer is settled, you pay them. If you don't get any settlement, you don't pay them

They also offer free passenger rights support. Image source: AirHelp Image source: AirHelp


As the name suggests, it's an app that ensures interactions between customers and airlines are quick and painless. It acts as a mediator between unsatisfied customers and businesses that are keen to protect their status. It takes less than a minute to file a complaint. DUFL_best_travel_apps


DUFL is a premium baggage handling service. If you are a frequent business traveler, DUFL reduces the time you spend packing your bags by cleaning, storing and shipping your attire to your destination. Once your trip is planned, use the app to select your business attire and it will be waiting at your destination all fresh and neatly packed up! When you are done, follow the same process and they will take and clean your clothes and keep them ready in your ‘virtual wardrobe’ for your next adventure.


If you thought airport lounges are only for those in first-class, think again. The LoungeBuddy app will help you find a place to relax and freshen up for the next leg of your trip no matter your location. It offers information regarding airport lounges available and you even get a sneak-peek on how it looks and the amenities available. The beauty of this app is that you can also rate your whole experience. Have a great travelling experience!

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