Macau’s answer to Las Vegas

Macau skyline at night Image Source: Every destination has it’s highlights and main attractions. London has the Big Ben, New York has Times Square, Sydney has the Opera House… So what makes Macau one of the main tourist destinations in Asia? It’s the Cotai Strip, Macau’s answer to their main competitor, being Las Vegas with their famous Strip! Funny enough, there are a lot of similarities between these two famous streets. They are both located in the world’s most famous gambling destination. They each have a massive amount of restaurants and shops and most of the companies that invested in in Vegas also invested in Macao. Beginning fase of Cotai strip Credit:

How it started

It goes way back to 1984 when the Macau government started the process of linking the islands of Coloane and Taipa to the Macau peninsula. They also reclaimed so much land that that the two islands of Coloane and Taipa became one big(ger) island. This also allowed to install the famous Cotai Strip. And 2 decades later, in 2004 the first casino opened up, giving the start sign for other companies to invest too. Would you also like to start getting lucky in Asia? Let Royal Vegas help you on the way with our amazing Lucky Firecracker online slot! Fire away and see how lucky you are!! lucky firecracker online slot 

Who are the big player

While the well known Las Vegas Sands Corporation were the first to open their casino in Macau, the Galaxy Entertainment Group soon followed by opening their Grand Waldo Hotel (known these days as Broadway Macau) in 2006. But the Sands Corporation had another trick up their sleeve as only one year later they opened the Venetian Macau, which is probably one of the most iconic casinos on the Cotai Strip. The Venitian Macau Credit: These days many others invested huge amounts into Macao and today the Cotai Strip features several famous casinos like the Galaxy Macau, the Wynn Palace, The Plaza Macau,…. Other luxury hotel chains quickly saw the potential of this amazing destination and the luxury traveler now has a vast array of hotels to choose from, like the Four Seasons, Banyan Tree, The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott to name a few. Luxury hotel Macau Credit:

Was is all worth it?

To put it in one word: absolutely!! The revenue generated from the Macau based properties far exceeds the revenue generated in Las Vegas, which is still seen as the mothership of casino destinations. So can we state that the Cotai Strip has taken over the crown from the Las Vegas Strip? Not really, as the Las Vegas Strip has much more history to it, and the Cotai Strip is more like a well designed copy of the original. But why not try them out yourself and see which one you prefer. Let us know what you think!

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