Do you want to live the millionaire life?

Live like a millionaireWhat would you do if you hit the big time? Living the life of a millionaire can be tough. There are so many choices to make! Where do I shop? Where do I eat? How do I get around? Well, one thing is constant: whatever millionaires do, they do it in style!

Sail the biggest yachts

The high life Image courtesy: Celebrity Networth Millionaires travel in style. Getting around is less about the destination and more about the trip, especially when you travel in style. Some of the most luxurious and expensive yachts are owned by businessmen and have been custom-made to suit the needs of these discerning customers. The world’s millionaires, billionaires, and celebrities own fancy and expensive yachts which contain special amenities such as a spa and a helicopter pad. Did you know that you can cruise like a celeb in the Fortune Lounge Cruise?

Drive fast cars Image courtesy: MarketWatch It may surprise you that the richest people in the world actually prefer luxury cars to sports cars. What’s more, conscious celebs opt for environment-friendly cars, such as the Tesla model S electric car. Mercedes Benz is a popular choice among the rich and famous, many option for the E-Class, as well as the C-Class. Also loved by the super wealthy is the Jeep Grand Cherokee with a starting price of around $28,690. Surprisingly, other well-liked rides include the Ford F series and the BMW 3 Series.

Eat at the best restaurants Image courtesy: The Daily Meal Not only do the rich travel in style but they also dine in style. Some of the most expensive and luxurious restaurants in the world are frequented by celebrities and businessmen, preferred for excellent cuisine and stellar hospitality. Such restaurants top the “best of” lists worldwide and serve cuisine prepared by the best chefs. Restaurants such as Le Bernardin in New York offer five star menus and Herbfarm in Seattle offer a unique dining experience that draw the attention of food critiques worldwide.

Shop at luxury stores

There are various locations around the world that have attracted lavish spenders and those with great tastes. Fifth Avenue in New York and Oxford Street in London are just a few of the famous shopping spots, but places such as Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, Ginza in Tokyo, and Strogetin Copenhagen also attract big spenders. Luxury shops storing the latest brand adorn the streets and attract millions of tourists all year round. In fact, these streets have become tourist attractions themselves. Ginza-Sundays Image courtesy:  Wikimedia Commons   Play the Riviera Riches online slot and  experience the millionaire's life right here at Royal Vegas. Riviera Riches online slot Does this sound like the life you want to live? If it is then join Royal Vegas and start living the millionaire’s life.

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