Life Hacks for Summer

Summer Fun Source: For some it’s simply a season, for others it more of a feeling, but whatever the case few can escape the sun-soaked appeal of summer. We’ve waited all year, barely surviving the blistering cold months that have been tempered only by drinking copious amounts of coffee, comfort food binges and wearing layers upon layers of thermal wear. Let’s face it, no matter how much you’ve looked forward to summer, no one wants to spend their time feeling hot and bothered. Chill out with Frozen Diamonds! Get playing this online slot and you’ll feel a little bit cooler right away! Below you’ll find a list of great life hacks that will help you chill out, cool off and make the most of your summer.

  1. Instantly Cool Down a Warm Drink

Nothing can be worse than stocking up on your favourite six-pack only to discover that it’s as warm as your gran’s bathwater. Parched, bordering on delirious you run the pros and cons of drinking a warm can of soda or beer through your head. Do you patiently wait and risk the possibility of spontaneously combusting while the cans chill in the freezer for what seems like an eternity? Well, before you let your mind wander over to the dark side, why not try out this great summer life hack. Ice Cold Beer Source: Grab a large bowl of water, chuck in some ice, add a good dose of salt and submerge the cans. After just a few minutes the temperature of the cans will have dropped a good couple of degrees. The salt will lower the freezing point of the water, which speeds up the rate at which the cans cool down…its science guys and you thought all those high school chemistry classes were just a waste of time!

  1. Enjoy Soft-Serve Ice Cream Every Time

Few things beat the satisfying feeling of eating silky smooth ice cream at just the right temperature. Chances are that unless you have a soft-serve ice cream machine tucked neatly away in your kitchen you, like most of us, have had to struggle with dishing up rock hard ice cream and bending a few spoons along the way. Ice Cream Source: The next time you come home with a container of ice cream, shove it in a Ziploc freezer bag before you store it in the freezer. By popping it in a freezer bag, you’ll be protecting the ice cream from freezer burn and avoid the formation of those pesky ice crystals, helping it to stay fresher for longer and ensuring that its always soft enough to serve on demand.

  1. Sunburn S.O.S

We can all agree that one of the worst things about summer is suffering from sunburn. Even the most disciplined of sun worshipers can find themselves burnt to a crisp on the odd occasion. After a day spent soaking up the sultry rays of the sun, most people head home knowing that they’ll discover the full extent to which their skin has suffered once they step into the shower. Although the damage has been done, you can still help your skin by making sure you have some Aloe Vera on hand. Better yet, you should throw some Aloe Vera gel into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Not only will the Aloe Vera help heal and soothe your sunburnt skin, the ice cold gel cubes will provide excellent relief. Make sure you make these Aloe Vera gel ice cubes ahead of time and store them in a freezer bag so that you always have some on hand. Sunblock Source: Are you going to give any of these (or all of them!) a try?

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